Advice for a new player playing Rayne

I got this game last Thursday and have only won a single game in that time. At first i thought it was just bad luck but now I’m to the point that I believe I’m the problem. and it is making very hard to enjoy my time with it.
I’ve tried a few different heroes and so far enjoy Reyna the most. I always try to stay close to attackers so that i can give them shields and weaken their targets which seems to work well at first but the longer the game goes the less effect i feel i have in battle. I’ve seen a few people say that Reyna is weak in pvp is this true? should i try one someone else?

Yeah, that’s just not true. Keep staying close to your attackers and tanks, use your skills almost as quickly as they come off of cooldown in a heavy fight. Keep swapping between your primary and secondary attacks (pistol when plasma blasts are getting too hot). Your overshield is legitimately the MOST annoying skill you have :wink: Keep using it and the other team will hate you. Drop your bubble shield when enemies try to swarm you or that sniper tries to take out the support, and you’ll be just fine surviving most fights.
Don’t expect to get the most kills, she’s just not built for that, but your assist count should be insane if you play her right.
For gear, in order of what I see as must important I run with skill cooldown, shard generation and (this is mostly my personal preference) health regen. Cooldown is important since those shields need to be up as often as possible. I go with shard generation to get my cooldown reduction faster and pop turrets as a backup in case my allies run away from me. Health regen just adds to survivability, it’s more my style of play than required for Reyna. If I had to trade it out, I might swap for movement speed (to get to my allies faster),CC reduction (cuz you will get hit with CC, and you want to get away from concentrated hits ASAP) or shield capacity (to survive those extra few hits).
I keep saying this, all over the forum, but “Communicate, communicate, communicate”. Make sure you know who needs shields the most, run when your allies run, and if someone is going up against a tank, mark that sucker for punishment.
Reyna is, imho, the best support in the game, if a little hard to learn. Just give her a chance to wow you.

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I like Reyna, but IMO, she is a character whose value is proportional to the quality of teamwork on and strength of a team. Reyna can make a good team amazing, but isn’t going to do much on a poor team. If you are playing solo queue, I suggest you give someone else a shot.

Reyna is a great character, I love when she’s on my team and hate it when the other team has her.

She is a really good hero to play as imo. If played right she can turn the tide in a battle and provides fantastic support. As you begin to level she turns into a great healer as well as a shielder.

She has decent damage as a harasser.
She can overshield an ally and herself
She can heal an ally and herself
She can debuff a target, keep in mind this applies to minions, thralls, elite bots and sentries. It’s VERY good, specially if you helix into it for a greater debuff.
She can PUSH everyone out away from her and block all incoming projectiles which is fantastic for guarding your Sentry or saving an ally or yourself.

@Demon_Chid provided some very solid feedback. I’d say keep with it if that is who you enjoy playing. As you unlock your mutations (if you haven’t yet) you’ll start to get a lot more options as well.

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