Advice for a pair of Sirens

Hey everyone! My girlfriend and I are picking up Borderlands 2 again, and decided to start a pair of Mayas. She’s familiar with playing sniper Maya, but I’m much more comfortable up close and personal and haven’t really played Maya before(I got Zer0 to 72 and Krieg to OP5). So I’m looking for advice for a close range Maya build to compliment her Sniper Siren. Anyone care to help me out?

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Here’s some examples for you:

Personal 2 cents:

  1. Blurred Trickster COM (11/5 chain reaction) works well with CC.
  2. If FOtF isn’t your thing, you can any use any bulky shield with Ward skill, like Blockade, Antagonist, or decent turtle one.

Sub-Sequence is perfect for a close range approach and should dovetail nicely with a sniper Maya.

My preferred gear with this build is a Blockhead/Omen and a Hail with a Blockade shield and singularity grenades.


Thanks! I’ve seen the hottie with a shortie build, but the elemental shotgun build is new to me. It looks interesting at the least, so I’ll give it a shot.
I was actually leaning towards the L. Binder, both of us cooling down faster means more ruin and converge.

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Sub-Sequence worries me a bit. I like choosing which enemy is in the bubble, I don’t particularly want it running off on it’s own. I might give it a shot though since she’ll have phaselock to deal with problem enemies, if I get over my sub-sequence worries.

That said, I do like the gear you suggested. I prefer the kitten to the hail, but same idea, and the blockhead is pretty great(was a staple on my krieg).

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The only time I find the SS bubble to derp is with flying targets : namely surveyors. Otherwise I find it to be fairly predictable and reliable.
(edit : it can admittedly get blocked and trapped by structures which can get a bit irksome)
It’s pretty addicting - trying to squeeze as much Chain Reaction, Converge, Wreck and sheer number of chains out of one Phaselock.

It’s really a thing that only works at around level 60+…so you’ve got time to warm up to the idea.

Still, that’s the beauty of the game : respec at will. Don’t like it? Ditch it for something else ; try it again later.

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The idea of wreck being up for every possible second is tempting, especially as I rediscover my love of vladof pistols, but if it’s 60+ viable then I have awhile before I’ll test it out. I will try it though, because I absolutely want to run the Binder and this seems to be a good way to milk all the bonuses as far as possible.

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Yeah, that was put in for fun to emulate a Lilith build I had. If you feel too defenseless, Redpool, or if the constant novas are giving your GF a headache, go ahead and switch over to a more sane shield.

Looking at my build again, if you do go for a more sane shield, switch out Kinetic Reflection for the shield regen skill below it (i forget what it’s called, I haven’t touched BL2 in at least a year or two). I had KR for a bit of extra Life Tap healing to help with not having a shield up. But with a defense shield instead of a FotF, you’ll want constant shield regen instead.


Oh yea. We tried the Flame while I was playing Krieg, and it was uncomfortable for both of us. I was thinking of grabbing either the Evolution or the Antagonist when I get to the point where we’re farming seraph crystals.
Thanks for the build though!! I do thoroughly enjoy my shotguns…