Advice for going from NVHM to TVHM

I’ve had a little problem. I completed my normal run through at level 38 and went into TVHM. Things were ok at the start but I’ve noticed all enemies now are level 42 with a skull next to their name/health bar and I’m struggling badly to put them down!

Not sure why they have all gone 4 levels above my character level!

What’s best to do now?

Go back to normal mode to level up?

Have you been skipping side quests? If you have, go back and do those.

What he said. Also, make sure your gear is near your level. Otherwise it won’t do you much good.

I tried avoiding side missions with blue weapon rewards on my first play through as I wanted to wait until I was a higher level for better rewards, think I need to go back and do them.

Thanks for the replies

Slag is your friend, also hit up the sanctuary chest for better gear at your level…

Hmmm, yes you could go back and farm Bunker for awhile, he gives decent XP in NVHM to get you back up to Level or even have someone PL you a few levels, ether way you will have to hit the Chest in Sanctuary for some up to level gear