Advice For UVHM

I used to play Borderlands 2 on ps3 on UVHM and not have much problem, I could just play and have fun. But now that I have it on ps4 I’ve been having a really hard time killing even just normal baddies, and even if I’m doing decent I can’t just relax and have fun playing cuz it’s so hard. Any advice? I usually use the siren with her slag phase and that seems to help, but I tried being Zero cuz I like his style and just got Merked haha. Any advice would be great!

Is your BAR on? That can take the edge off. How far into UVHM are you? If you’re well enough into the OP levels, you can use that to take the edge off as well.

Bar? I forget how far into I got, at the least half way. I haven’t done OP, but I’m the highest level besides those and have a bunch of good max level legendarys

Bad Ass Ranks - the points you spend on permanent increases to damage, reload, health, that sort of thing.

BAR means Badass Rank - the last tab on your inventory has an option to turn it on and off.

Did you start from scratch or import your character? One or several?

What level are you? If you’re in the 54-58 range, it can be tough to get through that section just because of the way UVHM scaling works and the number of skill points you have. It gets better from 60 up.

You might want to take a look at the “100 Ways to Stay Alive in UVHM” post as a starting point for going forwards.

Yes those are on. Scratch, and I’m the highest level you can get before the OP levels. And cool I’ll read that

OK. It may just be that you’ve kinda forgotten some stuff. If you’re trying to hit raid bosses now where you were finishing the game before, that would also make a difference to the way you perceive the game. Hit the character forums if you want to check out optimal gear/builds for different end-game activities.