Advice For Zero Build?

Hello I am Currently Looking for Advice On a Build For Zero to use in the future my current build is as follows

i hope to find a build that isn’t too type spefic (bad speller i know) a build that is useful with all types of weapons

thanks in advance ShadowNathan23

Your build is good, but there are a few issues with it:

  • Unf0rseen is a subpar skill, since it doesn’t scale well. Might work okay in Normal or even TVHM, but not into UVHM (if you have it.) Swap it out for Innervate or Ambush. I recommend Innervate since it does give you health, without needing to rely as much on Transfusion Grenades or Moxxi Guns.
  • B0re is awesome, get that when you hit lvl 47. Turns BNK-3R into a joke, and also eliminates Bullet reflection from Nomad’s shields or PWR Loaders.
  • I prefer Killing Blow over Iron Hand, since it is a good coup de grace and doesn’t need too many melee bonuses to make it good.

Beyond that, I have no clue to your max level, how many UVHM packs do you have? There are lots of skills I’d recommend that are great for a general gun build (F0ll0wthr0ugh, Vel0city is good but there are certain weapons that don’t work well with it, etc.) but may be a bit out of the way.

I have both uvhm packs so I can go up to lvl 72

this should work for a gun zero and u should adjust velocity for your build

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