[Advice] needed on a build menu scaling mod

What ho ! :slight_smile:

I’m looking for a little advice on an issue I’m having with the Build, Research and launch UI.
I’m using a 5760 x 1080 triple monitor setup and as you can see below the resolutions playing havoc with these menu’s

My goal (hopefully) is scale them down to the point where they fit more comfortably onto the screen, for reference they currently take up around 3/4 of right most monitor.

I’m as green as grass when it comes to Modding (of any kind) but I’ve spent the afternoon trying to get familiar with some of the tools people have posted links to. I’m now at the stage where I can use the BigDecrypter and UnfBig applications to pull the Lua data from the Homeword.Big files.

So now my current stumbling block is to find where the appropriate files are to edit. Looking in the HomeworldRM>Data file, there’s quite a few possible locations to choose from, even if I excluding the various music and Language .big files.

Where about’s should I start looking for the “BuildMenu_UI.Lua” files ( If there even called anything like that) and are there likely to be any other files that need changing to make a Mod like this work ?

Which brings me to my Second question, What are people using to edit these Lua files, a simple text editor ? or something more advanced ?

Oh and if it turns out what I want to do can’t be done with the tools we have to hand I’d appreciate the heads up :wink:

thanks in advance for any help given.

Not to discourage you at all because this stuff can be a really rewarding learning experience, but I just got an email from my boss/producer/ui-scripter asking me for some changes to make some of the ‘ultra wide view’ stuff work better. And yeah, I have to write code to get it working entirely. You can (and please, go for it) do edits - but this is one item under active dev. So whatever you do may end up short-lived.

Again, not trying to shut you down - at all. Just a warning of sorts that we’re hoping to have what is only fair to describe as a TON of UI edits in when next we update (hoping, not promising!) - and you may get a bit run over as a result.

So I’ll give you a quick pointer:


We haven’t gone into the new UI system yet - so please understand if I can’t get you much more info (we’ll get there, but aren’t - and with edits coming, covering too much will be a bit premature).

Also - a cool trick… if you add


to your command-line - any time you pause it will reload that screen. Use with caution, some screens don’t like that, others don’t work quite right if not loaded at level start. And if you screw up the UI file or syntax and do that, you’ll crash. But in general, once you get the swing of things, it’ll go much faster. ‘NewBuildMenu’ (as you’ll see when you look in that file) is the name of the screen I pointed you at. This works for most other ‘in gameplay’ screens.


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That was bloody brilliant :slight_smile:
I will know doubt still have a muck around with this, seeing as you’ve gone to the trouble of pointing me in the right direction. But thanks for the heads up about the future update’s and should you find yourself with time to tweak just one Ultra wide setting of the UI. May I innocently suggest 5760 X 1080… :innocent:

Thanks again Bitvenom.

I really (LATER!!!) want to get around to make ultra-wides like 5760x1080 render using ‘bent’ frustums so that the 3 screens don’t stretch, they actually ‘wrap’ around. I know how I want to do it, I just need time and have a billion other things to do. :frowning: