Advice on a few key Fl4k legos to get?

Now that I’m newly lvl 50 I wanted to try and take advantage of the weekly event since I missed the first one (didn’t bother trying to take advantage of last week event since I wasn’t 50 yet).

Can anyone provide a quick and dirty list of lego items that would benefit me that I could try to acquire so I know what bosses to look for? I would really love to find good class mod, shield and artifact primarily. I mean weapons are good obviously but I feel like my non-weapon slots are the weakest slots and weapons seem plentiful.

I’m currently uses a rakk attack type build so anything that gives + to that would be nice.

There is no lego in the game. Sorry about that.


Lucians Call.
Stop Gap Shield
Hex grenades

Bounty Hunter and Red Fang Class Mods

You can’t go wrong if you get those items.

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Ikr, drives me insane people won’t type out legendary or legendaries.

So it looks like all of those are world drops? Is that correct? Are there any good mob specific drops that I could farm since any of those world drops could also drop from them? I’m only up to Promethea on my TVHM playthrough, however so I guess I’m still somewhat limited.

Afraid I don’t know. Haven’t looked it up yet tbh.

After doing a bit more digging on my own I found this guide that might be helpful to some:

It also states this (which I found very helpful), “If you’re trying to optimize your build, you might want to focus on Force Troopers, Demoskaggon, Mother of Grogans, and Red Jabber who are dropping randoms of specific item types!”.

Force Troopers - random legendary class mod
Demoskaggon - random legendary shield
Mother of Grogans - random legendary artifact
Red Jabber - random legendary grenade mod

I already got 1 lego shield from Demoskaggon just not the one i wanted! :wink: Maybe others will find this useful info at least.

Rowan’s Call assault rifle
Lucian’s Call assault rifle
Red Suit Shield (good for a Gamma Burst/high radiation build)
Friend-Bot class mod
Red Fang class mod

Other weapons aside, focus on Anointed gear. The anointments for FL4K all pretty good, so anything that helps your current build.

Damn. I have seen that Demoskaggon mob every time but it only dropped a shield twice so far out of 10+ kills. Doesn’t seem like as good of a chance to drop a legendary as I was hoping for.

Rowan’s and Lucian’s Call
A few good lyudas
King or Queens Call, even after the nerf they are worth having
Flakker is always good
after that basically any good jakobs gun works fine
Cosmic Stalker and Bounty Hunter class mods
Shield does not rlly matter
MIRV/Recurring hex is broken on any character
as for relics you can never go wrong with a good victory rush or elemental projector

For weapons FA can make most legendaries work, with Rakks and GB it’s about getting them Anointed. Which can be a real pain for GB. Cause it’s looking for the GB Anointed specifically.

Shields I like Back Ham and Transformer for Fl4k

Mods imo it’s Dead Eye/BH for FA, Dead Eye for Rakks, and Red Fang for GB.

Relics it’s whatever has the best rolls, but heath after kill or damage after BA kill are useful effects.

Grenade Hex is a safe bet, and especially good with Megavore.