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@maxageddon @avi16200 @BookEmDano Thank you all for your input. I’m now deep into TVHM, i’m level 37 and have just beaten Felicity. I decided that Invictus was less useful to my playstyle than Ephodos so I saved those 5 points. I also decided that United Front was somewhat redundant because while holding the Aspis i’m invulnerable (more or less) to frontal damage, so logically my shield would always be full before my Aspis times out.

I decided to make these changes

My intention is to next take Omega-Senshu and Mercurial, and then move to Storm Weaving. In your opinions (considering your far superior knowledge) is this a wise decision?

Those three skills (Gun-Kata, Mercurial, and Omega-Senshu) are the only ones that I took for my Phalanx/CS build Athena. And yes, all three of them are absolutely worth it. But you won’t find much more help going down that tree unless you want to play some type of hybrid build.

I wasn’t going further than those, no. But all 3 looked great :slight_smile:

I would take out 5 points from either RF or WOTG and put them in OS to boost your damage.
RF and WOTG are both great so just remove the points from the one you like less.

Does an Aspis throw count as a melee attack?

I don’t believe it does. Below is a link from the resource guide for Aspis Damage.

For your skill distribution, it looks good. Going for mercurial and omega will help with defense and damage output. I really like the Xiphos tree personally, but unless you plan on using a bit of a hybrid playstyle, the rest of the skills don’t make much sense in it since they all pretty much depend on the target to be bleeding.

You may want to move 5 points from either Return Fire or Prepare for Glory (both really aren’t needed) to get either OS or Mercurial, as you would get more from either of those in combination with Prepare or Return than both Prepare and Return in terms of damage or survivability.

I personally opt for Invictus in my build but that’s all personal preference. If you use Cryo a lot then it’s quite devastating to finish with. Its base element is Explosive plus whatever elements it is charged with from absorbing enemy fire.

The primary advantage of United Front is increasing your shield capacity. Pair that with a Turtle Shield and you’ll see a significant increase in your shield reserves. The shield recharge itself is pretty useful especially once you start drawing aggro via Prepare for Glory. You’ll get shot from all sides. If you aren’t investing heavily into Conduit, or even if you were, I would never consider United Front redundant.

Think of Storm Weaving as powering Maelstrom. Their potential is far greater than Omega-Senshu and Mercurial. But you should explore everything and find the style that suits you.

Actually I just respec’d again because I changed to a Punishing Cannoness COM. My build is now this:

I had to spec into something to get to WotG, hence the 4 in PfG. I could move those to Invictus, I guess. Or 3 of them. Hmm.

Edit: I changed again… I just love these games so much because so much can change with only moving a couple of points. Figured if I was going into Invictus it was an all or nothing skill so maxed it, ended up with this:

Cannoness is a good class mod but I would recommend using either a Dominator or Celestial Gladiator for that playstyle. Dominator for more burst DPS or Gladiator for more defense. But that’s if you plan on going all in on Xiphos.

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My intention was to start going into CS tree next. At least for Storm Weaving, Conduit, Unrelenting and Elemental Barrage. I’m not sure about what after that to be honest. I want a Celestial Gladiator COM but i’ve seen nothing above blues (that i’d want) so far.

Also, as an interesting side note, Athena has overtaken Jack as my highest level now at 40 :slight_smile:

Three purple coms and some moonstones will guarantee you a celestial from the grinder. It doesn’t take that many moonstones to grind it out at a lower lever, and they last for a while before you need to update it.

Hey, I did what you said and got one. I changed my build accordingly to make the most of the skills, is this ok?


I caught a glimpse of your build. You aren’t specc’d in the Maelstrom tree(far right). that Storm front isn’t being used to its fullest with out Maelstrom. :wink: it is one of the quickest stack builders.

edit: I guess I should have scrolled to the bottom before commenting. lol I noticed your build on the Bosun fight where i say you toss out some storm fronts. I had been meaning to tell you to get some Maelstrom. :slight_smile:

yah, I was reading through and should have jumped to the end to see if you updated. :wink: nice.

That looks good

Ok thanks. A random thing happened… When checking my inventory I found a new Viral Marketer that was level 42, which is my level now. I don’t recall picking it up, indeed I didn’t know anything about it until I saw it. So my question is who drops it? Have I just picked it up by fluke and not noticed???

Viral Marketer is one of the many TPS legendaries that does not have a designated drop. Chances are you found it in a chest or perhaps did some grinding without really paying attention?

No. It is a random drop that i’ve hit reload while near it (like it sometimes picks stuff up that way) or it’s a total mystery.

that i find underwhelming. It’s never performed to my liking. It’s grinder fodder in my game. lol

Zarp first stage didn’t like it much :wink:

Also Aspis + Nukem = devastating…

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