Advice on Build

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I have a level 37 rustlers flayer. Not sure if i have any in the 40’s. maybe 49…i’d have to check.

I could always grind one up for ya. its an addiction I don’t mind nurturing. lol

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Well, i’m in the position of really wanting to get to 50 before moving to the final mission (for the Rosie), so if you have a 50, that would be welcome?

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I know I have a 51. I’ll check my mule when i get home for ya.

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Ok cool, thanks! :thumbsup:


Sledge’s Shotty has potential running Xiphos but Jakobs doesn’t really synergize well with Athena. That’s more Nisha’s forte.

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Athena is so awesome, she can make anything work… or I just like Jakobs :smiley:


Sure, you can have fun with Jakobs but it will be far from optimal. What were you thinking in terms of build?

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To be honest i’m just using what seems to work while I still get to grips with her skills, i’m something of a slow learner so if I can at least use some familiar weapons while I learn, it doesn’t seem as bad.

My immediate plans were to go Phalanx/CS, i’m really enjoying her action skill, I actually thought i’d find it boring but it’s quite the opposite. I’m open minded though, i’ll probably try everything until I settle on what I prefer. While I enjoy melee in BL2 with Krieg, I don’t particularly excel at Zer0, so I wasn’t too sure about trying that. But as I say, i’m open minded to try anything.

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yes and no. I agree, she benefits from high fire rate and multiple projectiles helping stack maelstrom when electric or incendiary are applied(so no jakobs). So yes, I can see that point of view. However, Athena also has multiplicative bonuses that can take advantage of Jakobs crit bonuses. dishing out a ton of damage. I don’t use this build for Boss killing, but it is completely viable and very effective. Most importantly, its a ton of fun. :slight_smile:

Edit: I thought your tag looked familiar. lol I just perused a bit of top gear for Athena thread. you are all over that thread. lol So I will kindly back out and let the true vet take over here. lol sorry for stepping on your toes Dano! :smile:

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No worries. I’m just to adding my two cents like everyone else. I don’t really discourage any playstyle because like you said it’s about finding something that’s fun, which is all that really matters in the end. It’s sometimes easy to lose sight of that motivation when so much of what many of us try to do is create these massive damage numbers and optimize builds. But it always comes down to the playstyle you like best, favorite weapons, fun factor etc., and Athena is very good at making many of them work.

I think with respect to the Deputy build I’m really curious how Dominator would have compared to Cannoness. I think it’s an ideal class mod for that play style. Although the fire rate is lost, the skill bonuses might win out. What do you think?

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I used the Cannones and found it to be very nice. However, I did switch to the Celestial due to my hybrid build I use. I don’t use Derch’s build exactly. I tailored it to my play style. I have all cap stones. But when i did use Derch’s to see how it performed. I liked the Cannoness, I never tried the Dominator. so I have nothing to add unfortunately. :sweat:

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Apropos of nothing, I f***ing hate missions that have a timer for no reason :angry:

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Dominator is brutal if you’re mobbing and bleeding targets. Arguably the best offensive mod for a hybrid playstyle. It doesn’t have the safety features of Celestial but you might be impressed with how quickly you can dispatch targets.

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I will keep my eye out for the Dominator. I wouldn’t mind given it a go. I farm Iwa a lot with Athena. I should come across that com eventually. farming for bladed hails, matching grip. :slight_smile:

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Maybe when I catch up to you guys with one of the characters and get to max level, I can help by farming as well :wink: I’m not sure how i’m going to reach 50 before the last mission, running out of side quests. Maybe Iwajira?

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I am really curious about this part of your “adventure”. I am under the impression you will get a below level 50 Rosie no matter if you wait till your 50 to accept that last mission in the story line. I really think you need to be 50 before starting the actual play through. Being level 50 before jumping into TVHM was how i got a level 50 rosie. otherwise, I would end up with a 48. I even tried accepting the RK5 mission after being level 50. Still ended up with a 48 Rosie. so, I am very curious to see if you get a level 50 or not. I played this game since release. and have floated back and forth from all the installments in the franchise. their may have been a patch/update that I am unaware of that may have tweaked/fixed that.

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If I get a 48, no worries, but I kind of want to see if it’ll work because i’ve read some posts just from googling, some say it worked for them and many others saying what you’re saying. Will be interesting :slight_smile:

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Power leveling may be in order but I wouldn’t worry about that until you hit UVHM.

On a side note my Power leveling guide for Athena has a broken link to the old Gearbox forums. Those were the days…

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agreed. And, I have the rosies at level 70. :wink:
and never use them. lol

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Yeah, Rosies are not as good on Athena as one might think. The recoil yo!