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I have never even had one, until about 2 weeks ago I hadn’t even finished a single playthrough of this game. I got stuck trying to get to pumping station B in Veins of Helios and just gave up because I didn’t like the game all that much. Which i’m thankful for, because now I have an almost new Borderlands game to play :smiley:


Definitely try it (and other lasers). But the recoil will become an issue if you ever get to the point of abusing Maelstrom and Unrelenting. You’ll see what I mean.

It’s always nice to see a new player having fun with their first playthrough of Borderlands. It’s inspiring me just talking about Athena builds.

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^ this right here I completely agree with and am just as enthused when I see this. I love chatting about borderlands and synergies, gear and sometimes techniques/approach. So much fun. :slight_smile:

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Thanks both of you. I enjoy the trial and error almost as much as I enjoy being all powerful. I think Athena is already my favourite. Admittedly I only have any reasonable experience with Jack out of the other 5, so I know that could change when I move on to another one.

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Ok, i’m now level 47. Build is this:

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Looks good, I would put points in Smite and Zeus Rage next because they are great one pointers. The synergy between ZR, WOTG and Clear is amazing.

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Can Athena Flak the world?

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@Kurtdawg13 Yeah, for what it’s worth, you can trust @BookEmDano on Athena stuff as much as you trust me on Sal :slight_smile:
(he’s also a great Sal player too btw :stuck_out_tongue: )

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Ok, so i’ve reached level 50. Did Clappy DLC until 49.5, then 3 Iwajira kills to hit 50. I would like some advice on where to go from here, if you don’t mind @BookEmDano . The bottom of the CS tree looks a little underwhelming to me, so would I be better off leaving that tree once I have maxed out Conduit, and maybe taken Unrelenting? I’m not even sure once I hit 59 (to max out the aforementioned skills) that I have anything else set in my mind. Would appreciate some advice from you since you clearly know so much more :slight_smile:

Also, @avi16200 , Zeus’ Rage seems pretty damn good since I took it!!

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I would highly recommend taking Omega-Senshu, as well as Elemental Barrage and maxing out Conduit. That would take you to 64, and then the last 6 points could be placed where you like. Unrelenting is a good choice. Hades’ Shackles is a bit underwhelming, but if you slam a lot, it could be worth the investment for a single point. And the bonus Maelstrom stacks are a nice little boost too.

EDIT: Taking the point out of Clarity of Purpose would allow you to invest in both Epicenter and Hades’ Shackles, which could have some nice synergy.

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My issue with that is I don’t swap weapons enough, I only wasted points in Storm Weaving because I had to

From the description, I don’t think i’ll bother with it. I of course will try everything at some point. I just see the way I play as not benefiting from these things. I may of course be wrong, i’m just assuming. I’ll try what you said and see what I think :slight_smile:

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You can also try Rend + Tear. The damage is crazy.

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If you don’t like weapon swapping or rarely do it there isn’t any point in investing in Ceraunic Storm over Xiphos.

Omega-Senshu, Rend, Tear, and Blood Rush should be your next investment.

As far as the remaining points think about trying out Superconductor. Since your Aspis will be utilized so much from Celestial Gladiator mod you will benefit from the passive stack generation.

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Sorry, was away for the weekend. Glad someone mentioned this. Love this skill. it’s a must have for me personally. :wink:

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I’m stuck farming for gear at 50 before going after the Sentinel :wink: then i’ll be heading straight into UVHM. How does UVHM even work in this game? In BL2 I get it, slag essential etc. but what about TPS?

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Thankfully, everything doesn’t require slag in Presequel. Cryo has replaced slag as the fourth element and while it’s very useful and a significant damage multiplier, you will be nowhere near as dependent on it in UVHM in Presequel as slag in BL2. Cryo is so much more fun to use though compared to Slag. It freezes enemies and makes running melee and Explosive builds even better. If you’re running Xiphos then definitely get yourself a good Cryo weapon e.g., Fatale or Fridgia.

Missions and levels scale with you. If you want to farm for any unique Blues I would recommend holding onto those missions until you reach level 70. Then go back and farm for perfect parts.

I know you mentioned that you don’t like weapon swapping but if you like farming bosses you can significantly reduce your farming time via The Perfect Storm. It’s ideal for bosses so you can always just switch back to whatever build you have fun with normally. Good luck.

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I think I overstated this somewhat. I’m not saying I don’t swap weapons, or mind doing so. I just mean i’m unsure how often i’m benefiting from boosts after swapping because I don’t consciously think about swapping. If that makes any sense.

I have however been doing more swapping in recent gameplay so perhaps I should invest in those skills in the Storm tree after all!

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No that’s understandable because there is a lot of naturally weapon swapping just to use the proper element against enemy type or Cryo. The weapon swapping I’m describing though is a little more concerted and really ideal against bosses. It’s really unnecessary in normal mobbing situations.

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I just beat the Sentinel in TVHM, so later tonight i’ll start UVHM :slight_smile:

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Sljm’s Battery build is a great guide for leveling Athena and can give you some ideas on how to distribute points up to level 70.

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