Advice on Dukino's mom

Regular playthrough, L30, mission level 28.

It’s ridiculous. The bandits die in seconds, her jump nearly oneshots me, her hide reflects most of my weapons, and she’s able to lob the shock balls from the far side of the cavern into the lift where I was sitting.

I don’t understand the difficulty scaling, I remember it being tough but not this tough. Specced into Death Mark in Cunning, and starting on Sniping just to get B0re.

Do I need to completely respec into Sniping just to kill her? What am I missing, outside of farming very specific weapons that won’t help with the level difference through the first playthrough. Really hate the idea of skipping a sidequest.

Life steal, a.k.a. a Moxxi weapon. Also, shoot her in the mouth.
You can force her attacks depending on how far you’re staying from her: near enough and she’ll jump, otherwise she’ll lob lightning spheres or spit lasers at you; based on this the safest strategy would be to get near to make her jump, run away before she lands and shoot as much as you can when you can.

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There’s no optimal build for her at level 30. Headshot, Velocity and Rising Shot will help some.

You could cheese it from the elevator with a Bee and a Hyperion SMG ; or if so inclined, a Lady Fist or Lyuda.

Moxxi weapons don’t do a ton in NVHM but transfusion grenades do. Kiss of Death is a good one for her.

There is there melee option however…


Shock orbs seem to have too much of a radius on them; doesn’t matter how much I bait them, I get caught and I lose all my shield and 99% of my health in a hit.

I should record this, as embarassing as it is.

Grenades are a good shout, I have an underlevelled Kiss of Death equipped that did help in my last attempt just now.

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And, naturally I then completed it.

You still get to see some of her physics-defying backwards-facing projectiles. But at least the laser beam didn’t kill me from the opposite side of the arena this time.


much better than me, I always cheesed her from behind that barrier when the elevator comes down

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