Advice on Farming Pyro Pete

Following my earlier post when I was attempting to beat Voracidous as my first Raid Boss, I have now managed to beat Pyro Pete. At last I have a Sereph weapon and some sereph crystals. I now need to farm Pete around another 9 times to be able to get a decent weapon. On killing Pete I wasn’t sure that if I turned the mission in I would not be able to fight him again. As a result I I did Save/Quit and Continue. Is this the best way to farm Pete or shoud I turn in the mission and just return?

I was hoping to get an Interfacer from one of the Sereph Shops but it seems I will have to beat Voracidous… unless someone knows where else I might be able to get one?

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Once you turn in the mission, you can summon him by paying eridium in his arena. Save and quit, then reload and do it again.

In UVHM the only way to get an Interfacer is from Voracidous.


As K. said - turn in the mission. You can then visit Pete whenever you feel like it - just go down in the elevator and head to the bounty board in the arena to start a match. As long as you subsequently save and quit while still anywhere in the bar (so you can go up and hit those two red chests each time) you’ll spawn in the bar entrance when you restart.

Also, if you don’t fancy slogging all the way back through the Beatdown after turning in the initial mission, you can drop down to a lower mode (assuming you completed the DLC there as well) and run through, then switch back to UVHM once in the bar.


Interfacer is only available in the shop in Normal and True i believe. So if you want a level 72 one you have to farm Vora. There is an alternative though, you can try to farm Dexidous and hope he drops the interfacer you are looking for.

Can you help me here … Can you get Sereph crystals in NVHM and TVHM? When I was in TVHM I went back to NVHM and killed Pyro Pete but no sereph crystals were dropped. If a player in UVHM goes back to NVHM or TVHM and kills Pyro Pete are sereph crystals dropped?

No. You used to be able to get them in TVHM, but that got bumped when the UVHM packs were first released.

Well, there is one way - the Tiny Tina slot machines have a chance to drop a couple of seraph crystals so, if you have a ton of spare eridium, you could play those. It would take a long time to get any meaningful number of crystals that way, though.

Just to clarify. If you are looking for an interfacer. You cannot get a level 72 from the seraph shops. It is only available in vorac or dexi in uvhm.

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When farming Pete, don’t forget to check the chests upstairs where you free Moxxi during the story mode. Just take the elevator thingy up and travel through the round broken air duct to get to them. I have received a Pearl Stalker pistol and several random legendary items from those chests.

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