Advice on Farming

Currently at Level 68 and playing as Salvador. I would like to farm Sully the Blacksmith in T K Baha’s Hallowed Hollow. In order to do this do I need to complete the mission and turn it in or after killing Sully do I just hit Save & Quit / Continue?

Speaking of Farming I have been trying to get an updated blue Chaotic Evil Monk Class Mod. My current version is a level 60 so and upgrade may help. However I have decided to give this a miss as after some 7 hours all I got was nothing.



Sully doesn’t respawn so you have to quit without saving each time you kill him until you get what you want from your farm.

Or you can reset you playthrough and replay the DLC, if you prefer the scenic route.


Thanks. When you say Quit without saving, I presume you mean Read-only farming? If not how can I quit without saving?


On PC I believe it’s Alt-F4 (force quit the game without saving)?


The best place to farm the Tiny Tina class mods including the Chaotic Evil Monk is the last level, Dragon’s Keep, as there’s 3 or 4 chests that you can get to within a few minutes. As you go up the stairs from the starting area (where you see two enemies and then a BA or UBA wizard if you kill them making this a farming spot for Magic Missiles too) there’s one to the right then as you go through the level there’s another staircase soon after. There’s one to the left of that staircase and then another to the right at the top of the stairs. There’s also in that same area next to the alter and another right before you get to the warp portal for the Handsome Sorcerer. 2 of those chests (it’s random which 2) will usually be mimics, but it’s a quick run and should get you the CEM class mod you are looking for.


no mimics


This is also how I farm my Chaotic Monk coms.


Thanks. This is the location I mainly use for farming the blue Chaotic Evil Monk coms. Since I received your YouTube video I have done another 5 hours farming these two chests. That makes 12 hours in total. Although I’m playing as Salvador when any blue and purple coms are turn up they are mainly Siren and Psycho variants. Oh well I’ll start again tomorrow …


damn you spend a lot of time with no results ? hope you get what you want but i know that feeling. currently i’m farming skins and it seems like it uses an eternity to get them. very frustrating sometimes


An update for you… I went on this afternoon and after 20 mins I got my reward with a blue level 68 Chaotic Evil Monk com with +6 Money Shot skills.

Now I’m set up for farming I might go back to NVHM Eridium Blight and try and get a couple of Bababooms so I can start trying Rocket Jumps


I’ve been meaning to get around to trying this out myself. I see you online sometimes when I’m playing BL2. We should co-op sometime.

That sounds like a good idea …

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