Advice on melee build

I’ve been playing around with the dlc com Golden Rule and I’m loving the 3 extra points in laid bare. Due to insomnia last night I started thinking about how to work this into a melee build. I’ve never used Amara for a melee build before so I feel like there will be plenty I can overlook in terms of gear and skills.

I plan on using a Band of Sitorak with the phaseslam melee anointment as well as having the parallel anointment on half my guns. I decided this shield will be better than a brawler ward since it works so great with topped off. I’ll be using a fleshmelter victory rush, a com with 3 extra points in laid bare and I also plan on using an execute pistol for tanky enemies. Bash and dash will most likely be the play style and I’m looking for hard hitting punches and decent action skill damage.

I’m assuming fleshmelter will be the last to buff my melee damage, though if I’m wrong I may need a new artifact and I’m not sure what other options this build has for shields. My skill distribution is below if you think some of my points could be distributed better. Thanks for the help if you have some advice.