Advice on my krieg build

Advice on my melee krieg build any advice/ideas are appreciated

I decided to quit hellborn/blood lust build until I get to the OP levels
I will post my gear later also I plan on changing to only 1 point in thrill of the kill

you have RtB so you don’t need fuel the rampage, I’d move thos points to feed the meat If I were you, also unless you plan on relying mostly on guns, I’d take all the points out of Thrill of the Kill and put them in EtP.

Other than that it looks good

It’s an essential skill for any melee K.

Never mind, I think you meant Fuel the Rampage.

Get rid of fuel the rampage, maybe NB, and BT.

Herp, I ment fuel the rampage

Yeah, I just figured that.

Nervous blood, and to a lesser exent, blood twitch are really nice in a melee build; coming out of RtB, you probably have a lot of BL stacks and (if you play it right) you should have bloodbath up, so if you have a nice torgue gun, you can really bring the pain in that little window before you RtB again. Also, there isn’t much else to put those points into, that said, I’d probably move some points from Blood Twitch to EtP

This is what I use in the OP Levels with a Legendary Sickle. Put the final three points wherever you want, but stay away from Thrill of the Kill since you won’t need it with Release the Beast.

Noooo, there is a lot of good skills none of you mentioned. Pain is power is extremely powerful. ALso, FtB doesn’t last long enough to be useful out of Rampage.
That is most likely the most powerful melee K build. Put on a leg. sickle an you will kill anything in any OP.

The problem with that build is that Fuel the Fire and fire feind are both dead skills for the most part, but other than that it’s mostly a preference thing, I prefer having the option to effectively use my guns.

So is this better?
I will be using leg. Sickle

Get rid of the point in Thrill of the Kill because you won’t need it and it can screw up RtB timing.


If he is going to use guns, he should keep it. I always do, and it pretty much never fails me.

Need Pain is Power. It makes you gain SOOOO much more DPS.

Not really, recall that all of K’s melee damage buffs are addative, so in a standard melee build with 0 Salt the wound stacks and ignoring COMs, you have 900% melee damage, and PiP gives 100% melee damage when on fire and at 10/5 (notice I’m counting the COM bonus here) which is only ~11% increased damage, compared to not taking PiP. If you factor in COMs and StW that number only gets smaller. If you combine that with having to take Fuel the Fire/Burn, Baby, Burn and Fire feind, all of which are pretty much dead skills, only there to get PiP/make it viable, I really don’t see any reason to take it over the usual EtP, Nervous Blood, Blood Twitch combo.

~10% is 10%.
This is the perfect DPS spec.
No, B B B is not needed at all. 3 points in FF is enough.
And fuel the fire is VERY useful.

you have to take either BBB or FtF to get PiP, and neither of them give you anything really worthwhile. FF only has value becuse it procs the double damage on PiP, which as I said in my last post, gives you almost nothing when compared at it’s strongest, the the weakest the the rest of your skills can be. if you compare at more realistic conditions, PiP will give 7% or less.

Also, FtF isn’t terribly strong because all of the things most people use to slag on melee K have very high slag chances anyway.

So the tradeoff here is spending 13 points for 7% damage and minimal utility, or for spending those same 13 points and gaining the ability to fight between rampages, remember that you’re taking Bloodbath either way, so both the fire rate and reload speed have very high value.

Like I said earlier, it is a personal preference thing I guess but I think you’re kidding yourself if you think you’re getting less than 7% damage from EtP et all.

This is the highest DPS MELEE ONLY build. If you ever played a super-fast paced multiplayer raid where your aim is achieve bloodsplosions, you will realize that this build is WAY better than any other.

FtF is EXTREMELY useful in multiplayer, I get a kill skill, throw 6 magic missiles out, go into RtB, KILL KILL KILL.

At the end of the day, you can think/use whatever you want, I know my build is the highest DPS melee-only build in