Advice on my krieg build

So after all the great help I decided on this
I want guns/melee so I kept 1 point in thrill of the kill
Also I need a shield recommendation I DO NOT have the hammerlock dlc so please don’t say the RR even though its probley the best shield.
I’m using fotfh atm.
Also I didn’t get PiP because B B B and fuel the fire are 5 wasted points either way

Looks like a nice build.

So which tree will you actually start with (I did Bloodlust the first time I played Krieg…).

One way I like to do it is EtR>FTR>LtF/TotK>Totk/LtF>StF>RtS>StW>StV>then respec into a normal Mania build with RtB.

Should look like this (pre-respec), sorry about the really derpy guide, I didn’t feel liek doning a real write up.

Oh I’m nearly Max lvl 68 atm just finishing blood twitch and nervous blood than I just have to farm some
Slow hands
Fast balls
Lyuda yes I know its a sniper but it wrecks
And a slagga plus a new fotfh and leg. Sickle com also a blood of the ancients with pistol and smg Max ammo plus the Max health

I’m on @Krieg_Krazy’s side on PiP, but nevertheless, if you aren’t using an RR, a purple adaptive shield may be good. Let’s you health stack, without the regen of Neogenitor or Evolution. Although the health regen isn’t much, it can screw an otherwise perfectly good RtB. The adaptice shield would give a little resistance as well.

The evolution and neogenitor aren’t bad either, I just didn’t like them much on krieg except for setting up Pyro Pete to explode.

Hide of Terra (although a total pain in the ass to get due to high loot pool) or Love Thumper would be good. You are a little more squishy with them, but if you’re keeping the point in Thrill, then you should be alright.

If you’re on PS3, I have a 72 Hide, that isn’t the greatest, but not the worst, that you are welcome too. It does nothing for me in OP, and is currently just taking up space

@maxageddon that would be awesome I would be really happy since framing terra sucks and yes I’m on ps3 right now if you have free time if not just whenever were both on is cool with me
Edit: is this build unique enough for me to write a full guide on?

I should be on later tonight when I get off work. I have a ■■■■■■ love thumper too, but the 2 minute recharge delay got me killed too many times to keep using it

my psn is guyincognito84, I tend to play solo online, so im usually set to online friends only. Go ahead and friend me, I’ll hop into your game and drop it off when I get on and get it out of storage

As for a full on guide, I am really not sure. It was not all that long ago I was seeking advice for krieg on these very boards

I’ll add you my psn: is pooptang
Don’t judge lol
I have class Thursday and Friday than for the weekend I won’t have internet.
So if Sunday night is good for you around 8-9 pm eastern time if not just whenever is fine.

No judgements made, haha. Im on the west coast. I can do sunday as well. If you are on right now, I’ll just take a break and get it out of storage. Working from home has its benefits.

Moved it out of storage. Hit me up here, or through PSN when you want to pull the trigger. Looks like I scrapped the Love Thumper already, so all I have for you is the Hide

If your on atm hit me up I’ll be on my commando

Thanks a lot man
That recharge delay is kinda dumb for a roid shield 2.19 secs is to low I wish I could get a hide of terra with a love thumper delay lol

That would be awesome. Granted, I have 4 points in empty the rage to fix that, or at least when I used it.

Edit: Embrace the Pain, not Empty the Rage

I have 5 in feed the meat which helps somewhat may try and respec into EtP

I did both. Feed the Meat is a definite must for health stacking. I still keep 4 points in Embrace for the fire rate since switching to the RR. Helps me keep stacks up with my slagga, especially after speccing out of boiling blood.

Plus it’s a nice boost to the DPUH and Badaboom

This is what I’m currently running (using Burn Baby Burn instead of Fuel the Fire due to a lot of loot train train farming with my hot kitten lately)

I’m not going over to the hell born tree but thanks any ways I may take some from blood twitch and nervous blood and stick in EtP

I know your sentiments on hellborn, it has been discussed much on this chain, just throwing mine out there. I would take the points out of blood trance instead. Think of it this way, shorter RtB cycles mean being able to go into RtB more, and every time you do, your health is full. I also kind of hate Blood Trance, but that may just be me.

Edit: also if you are using guns/playing hybrid, blood twitch and nervous blood are ■■■■■■■ awesome

Good point more RtB never hurt anyone also twitch and nervous blood are awesome since I don’t worry about RtB cycles since I’m also good with explosives/guns.

Edit: I will be making a full guide for this build with a couple varients also

For a melee build with points into Hellborn Pain is Power is detrimental to your maximum dps while Burn, Baby, Burn is more useful than Fuel the Fire if you take into consideration both the increased burn damage as well as it effects being passive and that FtF’s bonus effect chance do not affect Fire Fiend.