Advice on where to take my build next

Hi guys, I love this crazy maniac and I am spec’d into Melee. My build is as follows:

I have just turned level 54 so I wanted to get to Bloodsplosion (obviously). However i’m struggling to see anything else good in the tree to spec in to in order to get access to it. Advice would be welcome :slight_smile:

This is the best way to go in my opinion. I dropped Fuel The Blood because it’s kind of pointless in a melee build because you’re going to be using your grenades as your tool for slagging enemies most of the time, and because boiling blood is more beneficial overall. Also, if you’re going all the way up to level 72 you’re going to want to pick up Embrace the pain at some point along the way.

I strongly disagree with dropping Fuel the Blood, there’s no sense in having Buzz Axe Bombardier without it. With high Bloodlust stacks and both of those skills, you can one-shot a LOT of enemies, even at OP8 without slag. Hit Release the Beast, pick up a melee kill, then throw those axes! For this reason, Strip the Flesh is also a solid choice.

Fuel the Rampage is also virtually useless if you’re using Release the Beast, and I’d spec out of Blood Trance as Release the Beast is more of a panic button that you want to cycle often rather than something you want to spend a lot of time in. I’d also recommend farming Boll for Fastballs, it’s a short farm and he’s an easy kill, plus he yields decent XP along the way, especially once you hit level 57 as Fastballs often have huge overkill damage and can proc Bloodsplosion chains constantly, just find yourself a consistent slagging weapon and spec a single point into Thrill of the Kill so you can keep healthy while Bloodsplosion does its thing. The Unkempt Harold is farmed near Boll as well and is a very good weapon for Krieg.

Here is what my level 57 Krieg would look like, with a Fastball, Unkempt Harold, and whatever slagging weapon you prefer (Mine is a Slagga) -

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Thank you both for your tips! I love this game that even this late in it’s life cycle, people can have completely opposite views and make it work for them!

I didn’t spec into Blood Trance myself because I saw it as more of a hindrance than a help, in my mind i’d rather be out of RtB and back in quickly than prolong a single use, of course i’m not saying I can’t see a use for it in the right build.

@Slif_One Should I be taking my points out of Feed The Meat then? I kind of assumed for Krieg, more health is a good thing? I’m happy to be corrected, I am a relative novice with him :slight_smile:

Feed the Meat stacks nicely with Taste of Blood, I prefer Embrace the Pain for the longer shield recharge delay and fire rate for better gun skills but that one comes down to personal preference.

Ok, thanks. Mainly wanted to check I hadn’t understood it wrong, i’ll have enough spare points by 72 to have both I guess :smile:

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Looks good but as others have said ditch Fuel the Rampage for Strip the Flesh :slight_smile:

If you like to change your playstyle somewhat in FFYL you could use Light the Fuse as it scales in UVHM all the way to 72 and is great fun chasing mobs while throwing dynamite :smiley:

Otherwise Boiling Blood and Nervous Blood shoudl see you on your way to BLOODSPLOSION where the real fun begins! :smiley:

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Meat Bicycle Word Champion? COME TO ME, RAT SPONGE!

Seriously though, I always assumed LtF was pretty useless and was more of a gimmick, are you saying I should give it a try?

Always give things a try! It may not be to your taste and it is very much a skill based FFYL solution (timing is everything) but it just feels so very Krieg. The final explosion alone has saved my skin far too often!

Plus you know that time your FFYL bar drops to zero in like 1 second? That final explosion can revive you from that too! :smiley:

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I changed my skills slightly, here is what I came up with based on advice here.

I am using a blue Flesh Crunch class mod so I get +6 to Strip the Flesh and +5 to Taste of Blood. I’m using a Slagga, Blockhead, DPUH and Badaboom for FFYL help. Also got a better Bonus Package from Boom again (when doing Cult quest). Does it look better?

Not sure if Thrill of the Kill is counter intuitive in a build relying so much on RtB, what do you guys think? It has however kept me alive where previously I may have gone down, so maybe it’s worth 1 point?

I have to say he’s quickly becoming my favourite character…

I use Thrill of the Kill mainly when using Fastballs, which your COM is perfectly suited for, just so I don’t have to keep hitting Buzz Axe Rampage when I might rather keep throwing grenades. When you get a Bloodsplosion chain going you’ll be healing constantly, but I don’t think it ever deserves more than one point. I love the Flesh Crunch and Legendary Sickle COMs on my mobbing Krieg, but I can’t go without Fastballs.

I have a Legendary Sickle mod for when I reach level 66 I think. A tubby dropped it while I was farming with my Siren. I’m assuming explosive fastball is best for synergy with StF?

I’d say so- I use a Flesh Crunch com on my level 72 Krieg as well :grinning:. I’d suggust your next point should go into Redeem the Soul- extra FFL time is always a good thing. As for Light the Fuse, I used it to kill Motor Mama once when she got off her bike and chased me nearly out to the main gate- hit a slag barrel she had backed up next to and got the Second Wind…:grin:

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Just noticed something too, Blockhead counts as an etech weapon, thank god for that. Didn’t fancy killing 25 bandits with that awful etech AR :smiley:

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I carry an explosive one simply because in UVHM there’s such a variety of fleshy, armoured, and fleshy fire enemies, so it’s a safer bet. I do have fire and corrosive ones, but don’t use them often outside of Loader heavy areas like Opportunity where I switch to a corrosive one.

I’m already seeing the explosive bonus just with the DPUH. Seems more than the numbers suggest.

The DPUH can proc Blood Bath as well, though it’s finnicky, depends on whether the impact from the projectile or the splash damage deals the final damage and gets the kill. Once that happens, everything dies.


First one he dropped (after around an hour farming him) and it’s Explosive :smiley:


I’ve hit a wall guys. Just got to Outwash, to the bit before Gluttonous Thresher with the constructor. All I have is fire/slag weapons and my melee isn’t doing much either… expected the thresher to be the tough part, this constructor is so irritating.

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I’m a Melee Krieger too, and it seems Constructors are a pain in the pancake for you as well!

I’m surprised to hear your melee doesn’t do enough :open_mouth:
Guess it might be time to go Leg. Sickle and chop him off while sweating over RtB time :smile:
Given your build I guess throwing some corrosive grenades beforehand could help…keep your distance to throw axes in his eye too.

Even though Krieg can be a monster when it comes to explosive weapons, we all need to keep other elements handy
(slag is obvious and you also got fire, but gotta be ready for an Ironclad Lunatic).

Good luck against this metal guardian, hope I helped a bit :wink: