Aerial Assault Ceiling Glitch

(Axle_65) #1

Caldarius’ Aerial Assault cancels if you hit a ceiling. This is a huge issue. In cavernius story missions this renders this very important, life saving attack useless. It needs to be reprogrammed so that if you reach a ceiling he just stops accending and floats at that hight.

(MLGx420YoloSwag) #2

Agreed! Ran into this a lot. Can’t think of a reason it just cancels it like that. In PVP it takes extreme awareness to use his ult. It could be one little tiny thing hanging from the ceiling that will stop you, and now your escape is ruined and you are dead lol. Your solution is what I was thinking too

(nyakasgoods) #3

The cancel was actually probably intended, since unlike abilities that are cancelled traditionally (with crowd control during cast or while aiming) have a full cd, Cald’s ult goes on a significantly reduced cooldown if it’s canceled this way. That being said, having a ceiling float would be neat, but it could run into some problems like issues with the dive part of the ult.

(Character Designer) #4

Like the camera clipping through the ceiling! :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, it makes sense and has a sick ‘bonk!’ sound.

(Axle_65) #5

I get what your saying nyakasgoods . It does have a purpose for character balancing in PVP. Maybe a nice middle ground would be having the cancel in PVP and not having it in PVE. In story missions there’s no reason to limit the character. I had a fight happen where the entire arena was low ceiling so I couldn’t use my ult at all. It was very frustrating.

( #6

I’ve had this cancelled numerous times because of random bits of geometry sticking out of walls, like near the grinders on Paradise Meltdown. The ultimate should launch you regardless of ceiling collision, it’s just plain dumb for a skill to fail because you aren’t positioned perfectly on the map.

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(nyakasgoods) #7

Actually, I can think of an instance just off the top of my mind. In the Sentinel mission with all its 9001 traps, there’s a low-ceilinged room with pistons that push you into a pit full of various mobs. If not for the low ceiling, Cald could easily cheese that room (I know I tried).

cough every stun that would be completely bs if it didn’t have to knock you into a wall (Attikus, Boldur, Kelvin’s ult, Montana), along with Reyna’s ult, Rath’s ult, Toby’s ult and Phoebe’s ult cough

( #8

The difference being with those skills you still dealt or blocked damage, moved yourself and/or opponents, or otherwise accomplish something as long as you don’t completely whiff a target. With Caldarius’ ultimate the ceiling issue is usually a complete surprise because of bad object collision detection, and failing the ultimate essentially teleports you back to the ground where enemies were no doubt already pummeling you and puts the skill on cooldown for a bit of salt in the wound.

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(nyakasgoods) #9

It is also important to consider just how powerful and versatile Cald’s ult is. It takes you off the ground, making you entirely immune to melee damage and hard to track from range, and lets you stay there for a little while. You then get to execute a really long range dash, punctuated by a whole lot of aoe damage that can melt a teamfight. Compared to most other ults, Cald’s ult does a whole lot and probably does need some form of limiter.

( #10

A limiter is fine, I agree it is a great ultimate. I just think hitting a ceiling is a really inconsistent way of dealing with it. If anything the skill shouldn’t be usable at all if you aren’t able to get enough height, as opposed to yanking you around the map and entering cooldown if you misjudged your placement.

(nyakasgoods) #11

It is inconsistent and kind of weird (and a big reason I don’t like Coldsnap and its numerous random towers and poles), but in some cases I think using his ult even if it does cancel can be of benefit because at least it’s a super jump even if it cancels. It can be pretty frustrating and raises the skillcap on his ult, but it does leave him with the option to do so and even greatly reduces the cooldown.

(Lan) #12

I’m happy someone addressed this. I can understand the idea behind it being a way to limit otherwise-easy solutions to obstacles, but this is happening in places it really shouldn’t [as previously mentioned] ie. beams or dips in high-ceiling buildings. I’ve even recently had this issue in the second defense stage of the Saboteur epi. where the ceiling normally allows me to use this skill without issue–kinda weird, but oh well.

On a somewhat silly note, lag in a queued party will sometimes cause this glitch to happen multiple times on a single button-press. I got to watch my Cald bounce from walkway to ceiling 3 times before he finally decided that the skill was a no-go.

(Axle_65) #13

Wow. I read something like that and it makes me think how can they not fix this. I think the ceiling float is our best fix. That or the idea that the skill bubble greys out and won’t allow you to activate it until you’re in an appropriate area.

(Lancer_Seraph) #14

I believe the cool down on his ult being ceiling canceled should be greatly reduced as it also applies to invisible ceilings/walls.

(Axle_65) #15

Yeah the invisible ceilings really through me. I fell in a match the other day. I looked up and there was nothing. It was very confusing.

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(Andrew09911) #16

I’m more of the opinion that his aerial assault not being usable indoors is less of an issue that needs addressing and more of a hole in his kit that clever opponents can exploit.

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(Mcobb112233) #17

This. I just got finished with a game on coldsnap and had to make a post about it. In a 20 min game I only managed to NOT clip into terrain and mess up the ult one time which was extremely frustrating and lost me a number of kills. I am confident in saying that careful planning on my part would still result in a large number of ults ending in crash-landing failures. The ult is extremely sensitive to running into terrain. It seems like he needs more forgiveness in how he is able to slide past objects that are slightly in his way.
In general (outside of his ult), I feel like Caldarius has issues clipping into terrain and losing momentum which I hope gets smoothed out. Otherwise, love the character!

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(nyakasgoods) #18

What bothers me more about the ult is the indicator on the dive. It doesn’t take into consideration hitboxes that may or may not be in the way, and it looks like I’m all clear to initiate landing on that 50 health Miko when suddenly a random vine or something gets in the way.

(Orblivion) #19

It is. I don’t know the actual reduced cooldown off the top of my head, but I think it is around 15 seconds.

(Axle_65) #20

I think it’s even shorter. Possible 10 seconds. However in an intense PVP match being dropped back into the fray for 10 seconds is the difference between life and death. Plus it really seems unfair when it’s an invisible ceiling because even if you look up to assess the situation it doesn’t help. To your eye you seem safe so you drop the ult to get out of the barrage of attacks and suddenly you’re back in it with no way out. If they’re going to keep the ceiling cancel then they need to have the ability greyed out or something when there’s an obstacle blocking you. Even if it still stays active and usable it would at least give you a warning.

Also I totally agree with the earlier point that the target circle indicating you can make the dive needs to take into acount scenery in the way. I’ve had a few times that look like a good drop and suddenly I bump into something. I am dropped right in front of my almost dead enemy and now scrambling to get the final hit in before the tables turn. If you can’t make the drop the targeting circle should be red or not present at all.

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