Aerial Assault Ceiling Glitch

Well, alright. It’s not quite for speed, but the rest of my argument still stands. Mobility is a big deal, especially when a lot of characters don’t have access to a lot of it, and especially when nearly every attack needs to be aimed. Caldarius is by far the hardest Battleborn to hit consistently, and that lets him win fights even with poor numbers.

Ya, see I’m gonna have to disagree with that one. I find Milka to be much more elusive. Her 30% movement speed increase that she can get basically indefinitely makes her very difficult to pin down. Which really sucks BC every second you arent hitting her that’s more health she just regenerated.

You know what, after reading the stats you posted above. I’m inclined to agree now. I didn’t realize how he statistically balences with the other characters. I foward thrust option could actually work.

Im getting the info from this site…

If those numbers are correct he has one of the lowest damage ultimates in the game.

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Wow. I had no idea it was such a low damage. I still find it pretty effective though surprisingly. Thanks for the link.

Yea, no problem. I was pretty amazed when I actually saw the numbers.

Don’t get me wrong, I really like Caldarius. Probably my favorite character but when you stack him up against the rest of the cast there are some glaring weakness. Melka is almost better in every way. She just doesn’t have the double jump but once she gets that mutation she basically has a permanent 30% speed boost . Kinda ridiculous .

There is absolutely no reason low ceilings should be Caldarius’ mortal enemy.


You know what else they need to fix…

His 3rd mutations are on the wrong helixes. For example, gravitic anomaly needs to be moved to tier 2…

Phasebang and rangefinder are worthless…

Yea, he needs a bit of a rework.

Rangefinder actually increases his TMP magazine size.

Also, if Anomaly is moved to the same level as Zealous Frenzy, Caldarius loses a lot of melee build potential since he has to choose between having good dps or getting it out.

I believe that is micro fusion cell…that increases magazine for tmp by eight. If I remember correctly.

Also, yea possibly about the melee but honestly does anyone actually build a melee focused Cald?

I’ve never seen one and if I have they are not very effective. I personally think it’s a silly option. He is not robust enough to compete with the true melee characters like rath, phobe, and especially el dragon. Also melee build would basically negate his mobility bc you would be sitting right in front of your target and he has no way of doing enough burst damage to take an opponent out quickly .

I would much rather land a couple melee hits. Have no intention of killing the opponent and get some life back to re engage later.


Edit: yea I just double checked mirofusion cell is what you are thinking about. Rangefinder increases the range of flashbang like I though, which is REALLY STUPID. The thing goes almost across the map already and at that range you are neither trying to escape or engage nor does it do enough damage to kill someone soooo…

When do they see that being useful?

I thought so too, 'till I read this. I dunno if it’s a bug or what, but it actually does increase TMP magazine size.

Ha, I dunno then. I’ve never picked rangefinder BC I had no desire to increase the range of flashbang as it actually states. It may be a glitch but it definitely doesn’t say that in the description at the moment.

Geeze Cald needs some work…

Btw if you do run a melee Cald I would be interested in your build and load out BC from what I can tell there is no feasible option. I just dont see him coming close to contending with rath and el dragon. El dragon was straight up melting me yesterday. I had no counter and apparently no one else did since he went 16 and 0

I think there was a guide on a melee focused Cald posted a while ago on these forums if you want more detail.

Melee Cald isn’t end-all be-all melee, it’s just much better than a gun-focused build at using Gravitic Burst to engage and quickly tear down health. I haven’t been able to do it in a while because my PS4 and internet have a struggling relationship, but when I can I make sure to take Zealous Frenzy, Afterburner, Energy Transfusion (if there have been a lot of close fights), Gravitic Anomaly, and Adaptive Harmonics. Whenever I play him, I take a Blade of Transfusion, an attack damage item with attack speed, and a spell damage item with attack speed. That lets me keep my gun damage really high via attack speed and works well with Zealous Frenzy since attack speed scales well with itself, while also amping up flat damage and adding some extra damage to my ult.

Edit: Here’s the guide I was thinking of. Looking back at it, I now realize this post is pretty much a tldr of that guide.

Yeah don’t knock too hard on Caldy’s melee, it’s one of his basic attacks after all. Cal’s mobility makes him a good kiter, and the damage drop off on his tmp forces him to fight on in fairly close quarters anyway.
He’s highly flexible and it’s important to use his whole kit to be really good at him in pvp. :slight_smile: in pve, mobility doesnt mean much so you can sit there and just crit everything to melt them, but humans will melt you if you’re not buzzing around and staying out of their crosshairs, even more so 1v1, not so bad in the heat of a big battle.

edit: as far as “coming close” to any dedicated meleeers, he doesn’t, just like he doesn’t come close to dedicated rangers in terms of damage. Caldy’s in between and his flexibility to adapt to the situation is what makes him valuable.

Eh, I’m sure it just comes down to play style but I do fine against most dedicated rangers as Cald. Oscar Mike, Whiskey, marques, orindi etc… not much of a problem BC being able to dodge their large attacks makes up for his lower dps.

Melee on the other hand, its kinda hard to keep sustained damage on and move around. You have to be right there on them to get the hits in and I find that to be a bad spot for Cald…at least that has proven to be the case in my experience.

Edit: also as you said he is a great kiter, yet another reason the melee is an off choice. It’s difficult to do that when you have placed yourself in their attack range.

Another Edit: here is the other problem I have with melee. A lot of characters have a lot of tools to basically ground Cald and at no point do I want to eat a stun, slow, or silence which will pretty much negate my mobility. You run that risk everytime you get in melee range. Cald has one slow option and you have to use your ability to activate. I like having that move in my back pocket as an escape or to prevent the enemy from escaping. Not as an opening attack. Once again just a difference in play style though.

Yea, I have get improved thrusters and rapid dominance. My play style kinda depends on it.

I may have give rangefinder a shot if it is indeed glitched and gives you 11 more rounds through :wink:

^ exactly this. Mobility, kite potential, and the ability to lay down decent burst damage, plus a small Blind for disruption purposes. He’s a good combat disruptor, not intended to seriously challenge DPSs at DPS, nor melees at melee.

IMO he can actually be sort of a decent anti-carry, but he really should have hard CC to be best at that, and he doesn’t (unless the added knockback in Helix allows him to Stun with GB - I’m assuming it does but never tried it, seems too situational).

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Yea, Ive used the push back…it doesn’t stun

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Thank you, good to know!

SOOO… they did nothing to fix that craptastitic ultimate,

added an incursion map with all kinds of ceilings to fly into (can’t even use the ultimate against the double thralls on monument)…

and removed the only good thing about rangefinder.

Not exactly what I was hoping for.

Why do I always take a liking to the underdogs :expressionless: