Aerial Assault Ceiling Glitch

(Orblivion) #21

Yeah the ultimate being wasted on a ledge, or in my case Minrec’s eyebrow, is far more frustrating than the ceiling cancel IMO. Especially in the case of using his legendary gear and looking to get some health out of the ultimate.

(AKA Mr. Solus) #22

Has anyone else had this happen to them? I was running Calderius in a PVE Heliophage match and not once but twice my Ult got caught on one of the huge Thralls shoulders. There I am clearing waves like a champ when things start to get a little hairy so, logic says hit my Ult and get outta there. Only Cal clips a thralls shoulder and proceeds to hover like two feet off the ground gorging himself on damage. It was soo frustrating and Im almost positive it cost my team the gold smh.

(Andrew09911) #23

Caldarius has ridiculous speed and agility. This is less of an issue and more of an intended weakness. If you get cancelled all the time, you’re doing it wrong.

(Doritosgeenstijl) #24

Well if you play him much eventually you will know the spots where his ult is going to be blocked the most… So in that way I can agree. Having said that, I feel the lack of an indicator and the way he just drops down after hitting his head on something feels kind of unpolished/glitchy.

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(Doritosgeenstijl) #25

I don’t think that’s what the OP tries to say. I think he means Caldarius should stop ascending when something blocks the flightpath, and as such just hover a little lower than he ordinarily would. Not clip through the ceiling. And to be fair, this also makes sense, maybe even more sense than the epic boink! sound. I mean, what high tech suit would only be able to ascend a very specific height? I would say such a mechanic would suit Toby’s suit more, which seems to be way less reliable and clunky. But his ult never fails (as it shouldn’t).

I understand that programming such a fix might be near impossible at this point, and the functionality of his ult is good enough as it is, especially when players get more used to it and learn the right and especially the wrong spots to use it. I however don’t think it’s fair to laugh at the feedback of the original poster, and as such not take him serious, since it is quite a good idea he is proposing

(Doritosgeenstijl) #26

Not really, it would just reduce the horizontal range of his dive.

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(nyakasgoods) #27

I’ve had awkward moments where I tried to dive mostly horizontally and the ult just kinda freaked out. I’ll see if I can get it on video next time it happens.

If the horizontal range were reduced, it would also actually screw over the Cald player sometimes; if you ult to finish off a kill and then get snagged and have to dive pretty much straight down, not only did you lose the kill as you did now, but you also have to wait through the entire cooldown as opposed to the ~12 seconds now.

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(Andrew09911) #28

Where one sees a glitch or unpolished aspect of something, I see punishment for lack of awareness.

(Doritosgeenstijl) #29

Well sure, but why is he the only character that is hurt by lack of skybox awareness? He’s the only character I’ve ever played with a skybox awareness mechanic. I would compare his ult with Thor in Smite… But the thor ult just blinks through obstacles, which feels way more fluent. I don’t have a problem with the skybox anymore, since I play Cal so much that I pretty much know where I can use his ult effectively, and if I’m not sure I look up if I have the time for it during play. It seems to me that the way his ult works with the cancel is kind of a cop out though. Of course you can reason afterwards that it has to do with skill and that it has always been intended this way. But to me it just seems like they used the easiest possible solution to solve the problem of Caldarius clipping in the sky- environment with his ult. Not necessarily the best solution (IMHO).

Now I know that I must seem like a bit of a dick, especially when taking into account that the developers might be reading along. People who have put a lot of thought in Caldarius and his ult. I don’t mean any of my comments in this thread as an insult to them or as a demand to fix it. It’s just my feedback and ideas after playing Caldarius for a bunch of time. It’s not a gamebreaking issue, not at all, but it could be better.

(Character Designer) #30

Camera clipping is just one of many edge cases that could occur. One edge case that comes out of the hovering fix would be hovering at head height.

(Doritosgeenstijl) #31

Would that be a bad thing though? At the least you would be able to apply your AOE, maybe get some lifesteal in if you have the right item and maybe you can hop away far ebough to avoid melee damage. Listen, if you think it’s a bad idea I’ll stop arguing. It’s your engine, your game and your expertise. From a layman’s perspective it seemed like a pretty nice idea.

(JCPenny) #32

Don’t know if its been stated already, but it’d be nice that if you fly into a ceiling, you just hover at that height and suffer a reduced range as to where you can land.

If you want to use the ultimate to its full potential, use your awareness and only use it outside. If you just want the effects for wave clear, life steal, minor escape, etc…, then feel free to use it anywhere without fear of wasting the ultimate.

Please fix his ultimate
(YourVillain) #33

You know what would be cool…

If you could either go up or charge forward so you can use it indoors.

You still charge up the trusters and such but you would just launch forward at the target location and do damage.

You did WHAT to Benedict?
(Axle_65) #34

I think that might be going a little too far. It would make the ultimate too strong.

(YourVillain) #35

Ha, seriously?! Too strong?!

It does somewhere around 330 damage with no dot. Oscar mikes grenade launcher does more than that, that’s not even including his air strike Ultimate which I assume he can activate indoors( not entirely sure BC I haven’t played OM in awhile)

Point being even with that change I highly doubt that it will even come close to being OP. It already has one of the longest base cool downs in the game. Heck, even rath’s crazy powerful spin to win has a shorter cool down.

Caldarius has a LONG time to go before anyone can accuse him of being OP.

Edit: to put this in to perspective this is the description for OM air strike ultimate…

Target an area to strike with 13 laser-guided missiles, each of which explodes dealing 250 damage to nearby enemies. Cooldown: 60 Seconds

And frag grenades after the mutation…

Fragcendiary GrenadeNade: Launch a grenade that explodes 3 seconds after launch or 1 second after impact, dealing up to 200 Damage to each enemy within its blast radius. Cooldown: 17 Seconds
Upon detonation, Frag Grenages blanket an area in napalm, dealing damage over time to nearby enemies. +720 Damage over 6 Seconds

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(jafortune) #36

A forward change option would be great. But that would basically make it a stronger gravitic burst, I’m not sure if that makes it worse, it may actually make it better, but it is something to consider.
It would be especially cool if it could take the Ground Zeroed Helix and knockback everything in its wake.

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(YourVillain) #37

Actually your comment got me thinking…how caladarius’ abilities stack up to other similar abilities?

If this site information is correct not very well…

Hes flash grenade is one of the longest base cool downs in the game.

His 30% movement speed increase mutation last TWO seconds…

-melka lasts five for just getting an acid canister hit which is basically indefinite since there is no cool down on it.

-Rath gets six seconds just for losing his shield.

-Oscar Mike gets it the whole duration of his cloak

…isn’t Caladrius supposed to be the fast one??

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(YourVillain) #38

Yea. I honestly think it wouldnt be that bad. It would definitely make that knock back helix option more useful.

Considering how weak the base damage is and how long the cool down is it should definitely have more versatility and not be hampered by low ceiling. A charge forward option would solve that.

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(nyakasgoods) #39

I think you’re forgetting that Cald has the shortest cooldown dash in the game, with a cd of literally how long it takes you to land and jump again, from level 1. Just because of that, Caldarius’s abilities can’t stack up well against others because no dash comes even close to stacking up against his, and a skilled Caldarius can outplay almost any opponent because of it.

(YourVillain) #40

Eh. It’s not going to really give you a significant boost in speed until you get improved thrusters…

I try to leave my teammates at the beginning of the match to grab the shards at the start. I usually get in front but not by much.

At level one that dash is more for making your enemy lose target than it is for speed.

At least in my opinion

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