Aerial Predator - Thorn PVP Build Guide

(alltheshinies) #1

I made a build for Thorn I call “Aerial Predator”. Here’s the guide for it!


Complete all of Thorn’s Lore Challenges (Thorn’s Legendary Gear)

Helix Selections:

1 - (LEFT) Swampfoot
2 - (RIGHT) Fell Wind
3 - (LEFT) Draw Strength
4 - (RIGHT) Nockout
5 - (LEFT) Hextension
6 - (LEFT) Brutal Blight
7 - (RIGHT) Vaulting Hunter
8 - (LEFT) Enduring Blight
9 - (RIGHT) Kreshek’s Rage
10 - (RIGHT) Earthrender

Incursion/Meltdown Gear:

◄Antiquated Golemic Sigil►
+9.10% Skill Damage
-140 Maximum Shield Strength

◄Survivor’s Regrowth Serum►
+7.00 Health Regeneration per Second
+4.20 Health Regeneration per Second after surviving for 180 seconds

◄Aelfrin Memory Band►
+10.20% Critical Hit Damage
+3.60% Health Regeneration per Second
Thorn only: Nature’s Curse instantly charges at full draw.

Capture Gear:

◄Artificial Vitae►
+7.00 Health Regeneration per Second

◄Duelist Glove►
+9.10% Attack Damage

◄Antiquated Golemic Sigil►
+9.10% Skill Damage
-140 Maximum Shield Strength

(Ambra's Arbiter) #2

What are your thoughts on Kresheks Rage? I always go left there

(alltheshinies) #3

You mean you take Archer’s Boon instead? If you take this gear loadout you get 21.8 health regen a second if you stay alive for 3 min+. The life you would get from your volleys pales in comparison to the health you’re getting constantly so take the extra damage.

(Ambra's Arbiter) #4

Ah that makes sense. Btw I just saw someone using this exact build


So I watched your match on overgrowth. Then I came across this: Seems like the El Dragon on the enemy team was doing a video of his own.

(alltheshinies) #6

How the heck did you find that? lol. I’ve never seen myself from the opponent’s perspective. I always feel like I’m right in everyone’s line of sight but I was a ghost to that guy. The only times he saw me I was murdering him or someone else, haha.

(The MONTANA!!) #7

I’m about 90% sure I’ve seen you before. Can’t remember how either of us did, but your name seems familiar

(Can't stand ya) #8

I see @alltheshinies in queue all the time!

Too bad we never get a game in said queues :frowning:

(alltheshinies) #9

The spell was broken, unfortunately I had a bad game. Couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn lol

(Can't stand ya) #10

I don’t think anyone had a good game lol.

Their team was pretty sweaty and I was finishing off Deande mastery who is useless with latency.

I was running a full burst dash shield strip build and the hitbox wasn’t even registering XD