AFK After AFK = Dead Game?

I like this game. But, today i get on and it is AFK after AFK there is no option for Incursion just quick play with unbalanced teams. And not enough players to even get a quick play round in under 5mins. Is this game ever going to be free to play? or is this the original No Man Sky pre order hype train with DLC paying action

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Well, I do still play the game.

Though I’m also dead inside so maybe I’m not a good measurement.


PS4 seems to be blessed with a (relatively) thriving player base.

Good mix of lows, mids, highs, vets.

What platform are you on, OP?


no incursion queue sounds like pc.

we were running private ten mans last night. im always happy to spectate if we go over ten people.

another cry of, ‘this game’s only dead if you’re completely antisocial.’

get on discord, ask around. add all the players you encounter to your friends list.

more invites than you can handle.

sorry if thats incoherent, im a little low on sleep right now…Zzzzz


(PS4) Yeah, but that should not be the case for a game that is not even a year old.

what region/time are you playing in? oceana has a known low playerbase that was a bad positive feedback loop. europe and us are fine on ps4.

Not going to add every person I see to BB. As a should not have to. I play when i want at anytime. Every other game is get on and have fun. Why should BB any different?

Invite the OP to the ps4 chat.

I was on via PS4 yesterday for over 4 hours and didn’t have any long wait times.

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that was a suggestion operating under the assumption you played on pc. :slight_smile: pc has a small, tight knit community. "fight together, or die alone’ :slight_smile:

on ps4 most players have no trouble finding games.
the only time i personally have trouble is around 1200 utc, which is normally the lowest hours in terms of playerbase.

some players have frequently reported on all platforms never finding any games, even at peak hours, which suggests for them that there’s something in the background that’s causing that to occur. Even if you have no such trouble on other games, I highly recommend changing some settings or talking with your isp if your problem boils down to that.

But there’s not information here to troubleshoot what your issue is. I frequently solo q on ps4 with short wait times, though i dont measure said times.

You might ask this from all the people who have a hate-on for Battleborn. What, at this point, is Gearbox supposed to do about it? There’s no miracle cure for a bad reputation. There is only one chance at a first impression.

But you’re right, it shouldn’t be like this.
It’s honestly pretty disgusting that people who call themselves fans of Gearbox have went out of their way to crap on Battleborn and all the work that went into it. It’s disgusting that people keep complaining about developers that just “release the same thing every year” and only work on sequels, but the moment a dev team dares to try to move away from that, they are treated as a joke. Hmm, weird, that. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯