AFK and quitters

We need vote kick for afk people and auto kick for people d/c longer than 3 minutes so it can be filled so the match is even.

And matches starting without a full team is more annoying than an a person who is afk.

I doesn’t seem to fill empty spots very well.

I would probably be easier to just give boosts to buildables and longer power plays to teams that are short.

Vote kick wouldn’t do anything productive for the team. As much as AFK’ers are annoying, there is no mechanic to fill spots of a match that already starts. As soon as the teams are filled and it goes to map selection, that’s it.

It would be nice if there was a feature to mark the player as undesirable to play with again. Not to draw compares to game mechanics, but Overwatch has a very nice … uh, social? aspect to it. Allowing you to report players and mark them as players you would like to be match with again in the future, or not matched with.

I agree with the frustration, it’s very annoying to have players go afk if they are losing or frustrated or whatever. I get RL stuff happens but if it’s a habit with someone, not cool. Leaving mid match is frustrating as well because it basically guarantees a loss for the team. =(

Matches should never start unless the groups are full. I’ve never seen a 4 man group ever win vs 5.