AFK/Disconnected players - Give us an option to report them

We need to have players administrated in the game. 4 times in a row I have had a player sit afk or disconnect from the game mid-game or after voting a map. I don’t care if they bought the game and should be entitled to leave… To me they bought the game to destroy the game.


Because the how the game play is. We should not only be able kick/report players. But the game should at least replace them with a BOT. Had another topic about it, i think beyond getting suspended, they should get put in low priority matching.

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This game needs an AFK check rather that just jumping to a random character if you don’t select. You should have to lock in or get kicked and replaced.

More than that, it needs to not put people into high latency games. Every other game is unplayable for me despite 0 problems on my end.

That’s going to be part of the report function in the next patch. If you see someone disconnect and never come back, you’ll be able to report them for that