AFK queuers (PC)

As a result of the shrinking player base and long queue times, I am seeing more and more often people queue up for a game and then simply go to lunch or something, resulting in an AFK team member, ruining everyone else’s match.

Any thoughts on how to combat this?

Like you said, “as result of shrinking player base and long que”, I sometimes been waiting for a game 30 minutes, meanwhile I go and check videos or read stuff (reddit, Forums etc).

Because it takes long to find a game, sometimes I forget and dont notice a match was found, until the game begins (having already be given a random character).

At this point I wouldn’t try to punish these kind of AFK players, only players that give up early and because couldn’t surrender go AFK.

No need to punish, but a “game doesn’t start unless every clicks ready” would be welcome.

That and some warning or sound that alerts alt-tab people.

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Just the ability to turn on sound when in the background would help…