AFKers is a serious issue

Been playing, really fun game, but in pve and pvp this kind of ppl just ruin everything, there is a report sistem or something like that, can i block this person in game so i never play with them again, there’s anything i can do to avoid this or just punish this ppl?
BTW sorry if there is already some topic like this, my search show nothing


They need to implement a “vote to kick” system of some sort for this kinds of situations, it’s really annoying playing a 4vs5 pvp match or standing for 10 minutes waiting in front of a boss switch in pve.

The game hasn’t released yet. How can there be serious issues?

If you are referring to BETA, well it’s BETA. Weird things can happen and people can crash. Many are also getting a feel for the game for the first time so there will be a lot of players exiting games prematurely so that they can try a different Hero or map/mode. Just watch a few of the first impressions videos on the game and you will see even them getting kicked out of games a few times.

Having played the beta myself I can attest that there is an issue of people being AFK. More often than not it probably was just a connection issue, but there will be people like that in the final release. More than that, there will be uncooperative or rude people as well who deliberately harm the party and a “vote to kick” system would really help. They seemed to have an “AFK” timer where after roughly 5-10 minutes of inactivity the person would be auto-kicked, but that was all. It is completely possible that they just didn’t have the kick feature in the beta and the full game is already set to have one, but I haven’t really heard much on that front.