AFKing / Leaving on purpose

I have had 3 games in a row now with the same player (pizza cat) that keeps leaving right after hero selection, then rejoins right at the end of the game.
First I thought, well ■■■■ happens sometimes you dc / Real life whatever. However after 3 times same day and some other people I palyed with also saying they had him on the team and he did the same.

There really needs to be a way to stop this. It really ruins the fun if you keep getting 4v5s.
Probably for both teams.

I honestly feel people are intentional grieving Gearbox this way.

Maybe, just that they are hurting players, not gearbox

I’ve seen this too.

Leave/Re-Join at boss fight. AFK Mission Complete.

Honestly it sucks cause you need all 5 players for maps like incursion, i wonder do you think they can replace them with bots til they come back (if dc was accidental) but it would help out with rage quiters. Oh and for the people who stands in base through the whole round…that’s another story

At least PvE scales accordingly :S

Bots would certaintly work for PvE, however against other players they might just end up as “easy kill” for the other team.
However, considering the games are “rather” short, depending on game mode, I do think you could add something like penalties for leaving games / afking.
Especially if they add something like ranked games

Yeah you might be right but if they was advanced bots it could work

I play on the PS4 and it’s really bad.

It’s a good game but there has to be away we help gearbox deal with rage quiters and those who sits in one spot throughout the game i hope they come up with somethin but the game is amazing i love