After 10th November patch, somethings are go wrong

After 10th November patch, this anointment doesn’t work fine. Only can get Terror 1 stack not 3 stacks. Maybe it can be there are other subjects also doesn’t work properly.

I guess this icon or function is for Console not on PC …but this screenshot is from PC. It is really annoying for get out from inventory menu.

Maybe more other problems can be exist right now.

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Great, just great :rage: after all the farming they had to mess it up, can t even enjoy my terror in peace

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To the surpise of absolutely no one. time to wait for another year before buying anything from them so they can solve this mess.

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I confirm terror anoint after action skill is also messed up on PS4

PC changed drop item from x to q key.

Having trouble closing my inventory sometimes. Seems to be ok if I move the mouse around and hit esc, but not if I’m hovering in the wrong place (don’t know where all the “wrong” places are, though).

Menus in general seem “clunkier” after the patch. I did not buy any of the new content. 100% of this is updates, not any of the paid for new stuff.

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I don’t know why there is some blue lines on both side of screen when using Iron Bear action skill. What for? Cleaned screen was better than this.