After 25 runs and kills

I still have yet to get a Legendary Bloody Harvest weapon. I have farmed, I have every single other Bloody Harvest challenge complete but I cannot get one if those items. A lot of people will point to bad RNG, which, okay… But it’s also just poor game design. I shouldn’t have done that much and not gotten a single drop… Now, a half a dozen times Haunt’s drops have fallen down the pit… So it may have been there… But, again, that’s poor game design.

On a completely related topic, anyone in PS4 have a spare fearmonger?

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If it fell down the hole, then check Lost Loot back in Sanctuary. The Lost Loot prioritises higher rarity so if your LL is full but a legendary drops, it will replace one of the blues or purples in your LL.


You have until the 5th of December to find one and they drop from ghosts anywhere in the Galaxy not just the Heck Hole. I got mine from a Loot Ghost on Athenas, I am sure by December you will have found one by normal playing.

Unsure whether the Bloody Harvest Legendary items will still drop after the event though, that has not been confirmed I don’t think, it is confirmed that Terror anointments will continue to drop and that all gear found during BH will remain but just not sure if those specific items will continue to drop.

Again, after spending the time it takes to kill Haunt 25 times and farming in the various recommended places I should have gotten at least one of them. Also, normal playing isnt fun at the moment because there is zero reason to do normal playing. I have four maxded out vault hunters. The only thing I do that’s normal playing is farming… Which is pointless with annointed terror gear dropping non-stop.


Well then there is nothing else to it, it is bad RNG as you mentioned. I have one level 50 FL4K no other VH yet, I only just filled my Bank to capacity with 30/40 bag space permanently. I have killed Haunt 14/25 times and found all 4 BH Legendary items at least once already, I think I found the Grenade twice so how in 25 runs you haven’t found one is pretty impressive. Like I said before they do drop elsewhere and you do have until the 5th of December so regardless of whether you have all maxed VH or have no reason to farm you either have to farm to get the items or just forget about getting them I guess.

15 hours of farming… It’s more than bad RNG, as I’ve stated, it’s poor game design.


AND I can only farm for it on ONE character because the achievements aren’t cross character. It’s beyond silly!

I don’t know how long it took me to do 14 runs but I am guessing in my time it is nothing to do with poor game design. I see alot of people complaining about Legendary items not dropping but to me it is fine so it can only be RNG.

15 hours of farming, 25 times doing the quest… Not a single drop of something that is necessary to finish a challenge? That’s BAD DESIGN!


Haunt has a low chance to drop the event legs. It’s the loot ghosts who drop them at a higher rate, so it’s not 25 haunt runs, but how many loot ghosts have you killed?
The design for farming is there. kill 25 ghosts to open Heck. Reload game until you get nice M3 buffs and run heck looking for loot ghosts. Once you reach the end don’t drop down to heck, but return to sanctuary and entering the portal again resets the mobs, but doesn’t change the M3 modifiers.

In my 25 kills of Haunt i’ve haven’t gotten an event leg from him and saw very few loot ghosts, but on M2 one did drop. Now i’m running Heck on M3 and i’ve gotten 3 additional duplicates, but still haven’t seen the 2 i’m missing drop.

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that’s because they are ninja nerfing drop rates week by week. i killed Chupacabratch about 25 times this morning on the Private Beans run and he only dropped one Legendary. This is now far from how the game was weeks back.

The fact you ran this quest 25 times and didn’t get the drops is pretty soul destroying. If it were possible just to run in and kill the boss then the drop rates would still be pretty poor, but you have had to do the quest line 25 times, and personally i think they should have made sure the boss had a much better chance of dropping.

I’ve run through Heck 25 damn times on M3 and haven’t gotten a single drop. I kill every mob and every ghost. I don’t care about the modifiers, they generally give me little trouble. I have spent time farming as well, about 15 hours. To no avail. I can’t get a single special event drop? This is ridiculous!

at least the game is counting all of your Cpt haunt kills. Ive killed him 10 times and it only registers 8.

That sucks!

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They are not ninja nerfing drop rates until as of yesterday. Since yesterday and going forward once per week the drop rate will be reduced and the number of ghosts will begin to lessen until it’s back to normal but anointed droprates will remain the same.

The challenges arent cross character, but the rewards from completing the challenges are account based and not character based. So you only need to do it one character to get the rewards for all 4.

I know that, as I have already stated. Your comment doesn’t address my issue… But because they are only on one character it means I have to farm for that legendary weapon on the same character.

Did you farm haunt 25 times on normal difficulty or did you do it on any Mayhem modifiers? I have done him 4 times (3 of them on Mayhem 1) and got 1 drop (during a Mayhem run). I have gotten more event legendaries (although they mostly keep being the same shield) from killing mobs in circles of slaughter.

I only run in Mayhem 3. So I did every single run in Mayhem 3. I did my 15 hours of farming in Mayhem 3. They won’t drop. I don’t even know what there is… A grenade, a shield and a shotgun?

TVHM Mayhem 3, in fact. Not that that makes a difference