After 25 runs and kills

Are you on PS4? If so, send me a Fearmonger… You seem to have no issue getting them.

You can farm for the legendary on any of your characters. You get the achievement when you equip the item not when you pick it up. Which means if you find one on another character you can simply stick it in the bank and then log on with whoever you want the achievement on and equip it.

I am on PS4 but I feel like that isn’t going to make you feel any better as you will still feel like there is a problem with the game when it is still more than likely bad RNG. You have to remember although it is incredibly surprising that I have found all the legendaries in just 14 runs of Haunt and you have found none in 25, that there are over a billion guns that could potentially drop in the game, over 200 Legendaries which are weighted in favor of dropping currently and that someone with half the runs you have has found them.

As the other person said, you can farm it on other characters too and just grab it from the Bank, rank up your Guardian Luck bonus, whack a Luck Relic on to maximise your chances. The more Luck the better the loot. Me giving you one will still leave you feeling like the game is not working as intended and I am pretty sure Gearbox would agree. I work in retail and that old saying ‘the customer is always right’ couldn’t be further from the truth.

But if you STILL want me to just give it to you…


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There is also a sniper.

Fearmonger Shotgun
Stalker Sniper Rifle
Ghast Call Grenade
Scream of Terror Shield

I believe the best drop rate for event leggos is the yellow Loot Skulls. I seem to get them a lot from the Hunters inside the ship at the waterfall in Voracious Canopy.

I’ve only found 1 each of the Bloody harvest shotgun, shield, and grenade. I have not found the sniper yet.

I’ve gotten a metric ton of other legendaries that have terror anointments though.

I’ve got to agree with reierje. At least for the Fearmonger, in my case. I’ve had about 4 or 5 Ghast Calls, about 4 Scream of Terror, 6 - 8 Stalker sniper rifles, and not a SINGLE Fearmonger.

It’s possible that it’s bad RNG, but come on, I killed Haunt 25 times, done all the challenges, and ran the Heck Hole at least another 10 to 15 times. I’ve farmed loot ghost for hours and hours in the Voracious Canopy waterfall section in TVHM Mayhem 2&3, on and off line, and I have a little over 10% of Guardian Luck bonus. I’ve lost count on how many loot ghosts I’ve killed and even they hardly drop legendaries for me, much less Halloween event lengendaries. In fact, the badass red skulls drop almost the same amount of legendaries as the loot ghost do, which is very rare.
Almost all my event gear I got in the Heck Hole itself, some from badass ghosts. Not one from Haunt himself.

If the drop rates for the event gear is the same, then statistically, I should have gotten at least 1 Fearmonger but now.

Here’s how I completed the challenge reierje is talking about. I picked up a terror anointed conference call. Any terror anointed legendary will do.

Farmed that. Spent 15 hours farming there. Nothing

No. It has to be a Bloody Harvest legendary… Wrong.

It’s either bugged or it isn’t. Either way picking up a terror anointed legendary worked for me.

Agreed. I have gotten zero legendaries from loot ghosts… Pretty much only from the Badass Ghosts.

No. It HAS to be a Bloody Harvest legendary. You’re wrong.

Guardian Luck Balance is 13.15%. Have a luck relic. Get plenty of Krakatoa and ASDM to drop. Lots of Monocles and whatever else… This isn’t a complaint about legendaries. I get lots. It’s a complaint that I cannot seem to get a single event legendary to drop, during an event. There are four new legendaries and they don’t drop from the event boss? They drop from loot ghosts, which don’t seem to ever drop legendaries for me. Badass ghosts do. The best place to get legendaries isn’t even the area created for the event… That is just fundamentally flawed design…

Don’t worry about it, will get one from someone a little more willing.

I set you to ignore so I won’t be able to see your comments. I have all 15 challenges completed. Not once have I seen a fearmonger. I did test it out just now with a ghast call and the terror anointed conference call I mentioned and trading them and dropping it so a different person/alternate account can have them counts toward the bloody harvest loot challenge. What’s weird is the terror anointed conference call didn’t count on the alternate account like it did on my main account for the bloody harvest legendary challenge. The ghast call didn’t count either for the bloody harvest legendary challenge by the way . I know you’re not going to believe me even though I’m telling the truth. Have fun with that fearmonger problem, bye.

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LOL. It’s not JUST the Fearmonger… It’s ANY of the four legendaries. Please, you ignoring me will be the best for both of us, as you don’t seem to really know what you’re talking about… One less person spouting off about something they know nothing about seems like a win for me.

Dunno how you paly the game but have you tried to get into a good BL group?
i’ve dropped only the fearmonger and my group quite literally gifted me the other 3 legendaries for free.

for what “drop” concernes…all mobs have a tiny drop rate of giving you one of the 4 new legendaries. don’t rush to the boss, take your time and kill all mobs first

You pretty much have to kill every mob to get to the boss. And I did… Every run through.

The event legendaries are pretty rare, but if you keep at it you will find one eventually.

I got a rad Fearmonger on one of my earlier runs. I didn’t get another event item for at least 10 or 15 runs.

So far I’ve gotten 1 Fearmonger, 1 Ghast Call, and 2 Screams of Terror, out of about 40-ish runs? Not sure I don’t keep track I just run at least 2 a day, and some days I’ve done up to 6.

Fearmonger is a solid weapon, but at the same time I don’t see it as top tier. Maybe with the right stats/element on the right build, but it’s still far outclassed by stuff like Butcher or Brainstormer. The rest are just gimmicks IMO (even though I have yet to get a Stalker, from watching some videos it seems kinda meh).

Scream of Terror is interesting though. It honestly kind of sucks as a shield, but the like 5 minutes I played with it I noticed that when the effect triggers it will turn all nearby enemies into friendlies. While that would be great if you could hurt them, it suffers from the same problem as Amara’s Ties That Bind + Glamore bug, in that you can’t hurt these guys and they can’t hurt each other. That means you are just kind of left there waiting for the effect to go away so you can kill them, unless you have a super massive mob where they have other enemies to fight. It’s a cool effect, I just hope they remove the inability to damage the enemies (along with fixing Amara’s bug, because it would be really stupid if that was the intended effect).

30 runs. 15 hours of farming. Zero drops. I don’t plan on using the terror gear. Just need it for the challenge.