After 500 hours, my wishlist for the future of BL3


so i have played BL3 long enough to acknowledge that it can be way better. In fact, i see so much potential that i can not remain silent anymore. So i take time out of my day, to write down my perspective and what needs to change in order to make BL3 more badass, more fun, more replayable and ultimately better than it is right now. I will only list superficial things, so do not expect too much.
Again, it is MY view. I think the game is awesome. I have all 4 characters at level 57 and played them in M4 difficulty, so i have a little clue about the game, content, mechanics and so on. Lets go:


-I share the view that we should have “build sets” to switch between Builds

-i always liked the thought of melee weapons, but considering how the game is built it may be impossible now(but if we can buff melee in a “melee cooldown” or “do consecutive hits” etc. sense, that would be nice) This may be feasible through the guardian rank system

  • ground pound needs a buff and damage should also scale to the hight

  • Amara should have an elemental toggle to switch elements while in combat without going into the menu, maybe even a skill toggle too

  • Moze needs the ability to spawn auto bear directly

  • Phaseslam, Astral Projection, Rakk Attack, IB hard points need a serious buff

  • Maybe the possibilty to gain Amor? At least for moze

  • IBs debuff hard point needs to be between 25%-50%

  • Flaks dominance cap stone needs some serious rework

  • 4th skill tree plus action skill would be nice

  • a 5th character needs to happen at some point( i know it is expensive and very time consuming, but maybe this forum can help out with the basics like Name, abilities, skill trees as an inspiration)


You built an awesome weapon system and you should make the manufacturer uniqueness more destinct.

Jakobs: 50%-100% more crit damage, Snipers 100%+

Vladof: 10%-30% more fire rate plus 20%-50% damage in alt mode. Pistols need a larger mag, Tasers can have a 200% damage buff…

Maliwan: 50% more DOT plus more damage and radius when fully loaded, plus higher chance to deal DOT, maybe even DOT stacking?

Torgue: more censecutive sticky damage and more damage in general

Dahl: buffs across the board, all rounder weapons…

Hyperion: Shield capacity plus 50%-100% plus buff passive shield effects plus when ADS on your knees, the shield projects in front of you and you get addional weapon damage when you shoot through it

Tediore: 50% more reload damage plus 10%-30% more reload speed

Atlas: When marked; more fire rate, more reload speed and more crit damage, more time till the marking wears off

COV: reduce the heat by 50% and maybe add bonus fire damage when it is in the overheating area

Alien barrel weapons: depends on the type of weapon but in general 20%-50% more weapon damage(yes, additional to the manufacturer bonuses that i listed)


  • 200%-500% more spike and nova damage

  • projecting shield; weapon damage buff when you shoot through it(similar like with Zanes barrier)

  • percentages on shield cards should go up with each mayhem level

Class Mods

  • i think that percentages in skill discription should vary more( for example Mindsweeper Mod; instead of 25% chance it should vary between 20% and 40%)

  • additonal skill point amount can also vary and should go higher with each Mayhem Level

  • Would also be nice when there is the possibility to get skill points in a cap stone

Stuff to do

Before the release i wrote here something about a “buddy system”. I like to play solo, groups are annoying to me, so i wished there would be an AI partner i can choose to bring mayhem. We kinda got that with Maya, Amber Ava so it would be amazing when we get missions from the story survivors that results in having the ability to choose them to accompany us on our journey. Each NPC has its own skill and buffs which support you. Plus the ability to fine tune them with weapons, skills etc would be even better, but that will probably never happen. :frowning:

Thanks GB and keep up the work


you r asking wayyyy too much buff