After 7 years of waiting,for me,the game is unplayable

We are all aware of the known issues of stuttering, low fps, fps drops and all this things. I have, like some other, one bug on my game that doesnt allow me to see the holograms on the game and i have to leave my game,join someone’s game and progress through their story to keep progressing on mine. But today, for any reason (well,for epic games launcher i guess) i have lost like 4 chapters of history and like 8 levels, because of cloud save. I just started my pc,loged onto the game,when i was INSIDE the game, it asked me for use the local save data or cloud save data (wich had 1 minute of diference of time) and,without clicking on nothing, i just loaded my char. Results, as i said above. Tons of gameplay lost. And now, by any reason, the game is crashing every few minutes because of yes.

As title says,i was REALLY excited about Borderlands 3, but this game is unplayable for me,its frustrating that a game ive waited for 7 years is on this conditions. 60€ paid for nothing, i guess i have to wait until Gearbox decides to patch the game to make it playable.

This is making me to remember Anthem…

Sad to hear that you’re having problems with the game.
To me is going all fine and dandy…
maybe the onl thing that i feel that needs to be fixed (in my experience with the game) is the fps drop when i open the equip.

But i must say that this:

seems a biiiiiiiiit too far. just saying.

Well, about the Anthem thing… I only had 2 issues with that game. One, i had to play it at 30 fps. And when logging in, sometimes i started in locations where i cant move. But that happened 1 time at a day, and for the moment,in 6 days of game, i had QUITE MORE issues with this than Anthem btw…

Uhm…i’ve heard about some issues with the pc version.
I actually play from console myself, i can agree with you that BL for sure needs to be pathed, mostly the pc version but i don’t think that the game will meet the same fate as Anthem.

I get that it may be ruined for you but i advise you to wait for the first patch (that i think is right at the corner tbh, matter of days) and then go back on it.

hope that it will get better for you pc players!

after many years and playing all bordelands series where i have 2-4k play game hours i am super lucky this game have bugs ,needs fix many things BUT ITS REALLY SUPER FUN PLAYABLE WITH ALL CLASS :slight_smile: and COOP super COOP . all can find our playstyle .I have 72 playhours with FLAK and havent complet main quest line :slight_smile: i search all, finds hiden chest, complet challenges ,complet sides quest etc. AND playing is super fun :).Many ppls here write game is so EASY but i must say its harder than borderlands 2 but playable and fun i die many times in very hards fights but go back and all can complet. THX for this game.
PS: i am 42 yo man and havent super reflex as 18 yo ppls :slight_smile: