After a long break, back to a playthrough of HM1

I was forced into a long break, and uploads had to stop for a while. It’s a pleasure getting back into this world after all the real life stuff. Let me know what you think. Yes, I play like a noob, but there’s a very good reason for that!


Make sure to play the campaign with the unofficial 2.3 patch as that fixes tons of bugs - both for SP and MP and finalizes features made by Gearbox which were only partially working or broken all together.

Homeworld Remastered Patch Balance Changes Last update 2018.

Regarding the differences of HW1 classic and the remastered edition: You’re somewhat right but also very wrong. The entire game play mechanic was so different in vanilla. In classic you could really flank your enemies - often utilize hyperspace strategies to hit the rear and actually had ships that had proper armor.

Where though in hw2 and it’s remaster ships always used to be paper thick thus having more in common with Supreme Commander. Movement and positioning Strategy plays a lesser importance.

Also the sound engine, both in hw2 and it’s remaster were a huge let down. Hw1 remaster misses several 100 audio files = combat unit chatter, situation updates or regular unit sounds itself. Be it the probe that used to play a humming sound - the mother ship that had alarm sirens hauling whenever a harvester docked and so on. It’s still a great game and a great remaster but it’s a heavily stripped down version compared to the original. If you’re like me who likes a good atmosphere in a game. Then I say it’s indeed a big deal but most certainly not the end of the world either.


It’s always good to see new Homeworld playthroughs out there!

I second what goose3 said about 2.3, you should really use it! Other than bug fixes, it also improves blance, and just recently HW1 factions have been showed a lot of love :smiley:

I just started watching your content, and It seems like your campaign playlist is missing episode 2 ^^