After a Revive, the downed character should get an overshield

Or Maybe 2-3 Seconds to escape the Danger Zone, in which the Revived can’t be damaged… there is nothing worse than Dying over and over in Hardcore, while the time for a revive shrinks, without being able to do something against it.

It is annoying and in most cases the retrieval of an fallen ally will cost another one trying to save them also his live.

Honestly I agree. I come from games where if you die, you have about a 2-4 sec invulnerability when you are revived, to get the hell out

How about an instantly applied pickup that gives you a yellow shield for 3 seconds? Or just an instantaneous Reyna ult?

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I would be fine with a second or two of invincibility.
Nothing spells fun like being revived and having a brute nade land at the same instance so you just watch the flash, and then your digitized body go flying a couple feet.



That reminds me… getting killed. by an elite bot grenade is normal… but what sucks is if it didn’t push you off the ledge and you get warped Back in front of it…

Had a match in the Algorithm fail due to that. I flew back to a point that would have been perfect for safe reviving and was drawn back on the bridge…

I was Miko so of course my friend would like to save me, but we failed.

Also if you don’t get rid of geoff quickly in his third phase the Rocketeer bots get spammed so hard that you have no chance at surviving… less than a second once your Shield is gone, there is just no time to revive anyone.

I’ve had times where I’ve revived someone and they died 3 times unable to move is a good idea. :+1:

The only time I’ve had a team five man Geoff and best him on advanced lately, is if I am Thorn.
Jumping sprint attacks!