After a year, we still don't have endgame (and a balanced base game)

A year has passed, and the game has got worse in many aspects instead of improving (mayhem, general balance and build variety). After all this time and seeing the game in this state, I’m still hoping that things will get better, but every decision Gearbox makes pushes me away.

One of the greatest problem for me it’s the lack of endgame Activities. In Bl2 after 1 year we had pearlescents and raid bosses. That’s not a lot of content, but combined with a more balanced loot experience kept the game alive. It’s surely more than what BL3 offers right now. I was hoping to see another takedown, some new events and plans to balance MH and the game presented at PAX. Instead they announced only another skill tree and a game mode (we don’t know anything about it and maybe it will come only the next year).
But why should i pay for another skill tree, if i have not content to play and so many skills already in the game are useless? Why adding a new game mode, while one of 2 takedowns needs balance and proving grounds are totally abandoned?
You can’t keep building on bad foundations; adding a skill tree right now will make the game even more unbalanced. Why not improving the game, making new content (a new takedown) and fixing what is already in the game and only then new ways to play it?


I mean, who says all of that doesn’t come part and parcel with the new stuff similar to how the anniversary event Hot Fixes piece-mealed many fixes, buffs, and nerfs incrementally?

In a way, I feel like Epic players beta tested for Steam players.

Collectively Epic & Steam players beta tested for cross play.

PS4 & XB1 players were testing things out for PS5 & XBX players. Now that that round of testing is done, we all get to test cross platform play, and I imagine by the time of BL4 it will be the standard out of the box.

Oh, and it just dawned on me that it’s possible that there is no end game because they’re not at the end of development for the game and it’s still ongoing, with a new multi-seasonal model being the new normal?


To be honest, epic and console players got the best experience from bl3, that was before mayhem 2.0. The game was actually pretty balanced, no annoying mechanics for mayhem, you farmed for gear not anointment, base game legendaries were useful (you dreamed about a lyuda), grenade builds were a thing…

Unfortunately for steam players, they will never grasp the potential this game had.


Yea, while I want to be hyped for new skill trees, there just isn’t much point if they don’t add a reason to keep playing - something to aspire to.

I was hoping this dlc 4 would give me a reason to keep playing. However, I played it all weekend, got all the anointments on the new guns, went a crushed GTD for the 100th time and sadly there’s just not much left to do or aspire to in this game.


At this point I think the ship has clearly sailed on the game ever being anywhere close to balanced. I think the number of variables has grown beyond what their programming capabilities can handle, so I’m not even bothering to worry about that anymore.

What I do not understand though is the total lack of focus on end game content. It is so bizarre and behind the times for the genre. The DLCs are nice and I enjoy them, but in the year 2020 you need actual end game content, it’s become a staple of the genre - it’s the equivalent of power ups in a Metroidvania. It’s what drives people to play and keep pushing further once they have completed the story content. Even stranger is that in multiple interviews leading up to BL3’s launch they said that end game content was a focus for them this time around and gave Proving Grounds (which are terrible and pointless) as an example; yet here we are a year out with nothing but two Takedowns and the original CoS from the base game.

I don’t get it, but I certainly hope the focus shifts to more end game activities being developed in year 2. There is enough story content now with the DLCs IMO, focus on making a lot more Takedowns (and fix the Guardian Takedown and add some damn check points), make some cool raid bosses, give us some crazy Circle of Slaughters, make Proving Grounds better (and actually worthwhile), and whatever else you can think of. Seriously, there are a ton of other games with awesome end game content they can pull ideas from, but whatever they decide to do, at least do something!


this game is about press action skill activate anoints and watch m10 bosses die in seconds.

I understand some ppl still have a hard time with the game somehow. They also dont use anoints right.

I do t have fun because its too easy for me or anyone who cares toninvest a lil in damage n gear.


They announced a new mode realeasing alongside the 4th skill trees, maybe this mode will provide the end game we are looking for. On top of that, there is this varkid raid boss they teased over six months ago and I want answers.


In my years, I’ve noticed that when something grows in popularity, it diminishes in quality. Gibson guitars is a good example. BL3 is no exception.


Terramorphous needs to make a comeback show bl3 what raid bosses is all about.


I couldn’t agree with you more.

Appealing to the masses is profitable. Selling to more people that like your product, is better than selling to fewer people who love your product.

There’s also the modern day phenomenon of lacking originality. Copying something is easier than creating something new. That’s why you almost never see any truly new games or movies. Seriously, how many fing Spiderman movies do we need. But that’s partly our fault as a society. The money makers make junk, and we buy it. So GBX will just spit out crappy DLC for as long as they can. Then rush some god awful BL4 out in a few years, and the cycle will repeat.

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Spiderman 2
Far From Home
Into the Spiderverse

And however they plan on wrapping up the MCU spider trilogy feels about right.

Sometimes you have to push forward and try harder to create a better version of your vision. Revision in just the right amounts can yield great results that unrefined, were mediocre at best.

I feel the key to those was they were clearly made by people with a genuine love of the universe and characters and with a deep knowledge of the history and lore. That kind of care can elevate even a rehashed or poorly written story.

The ‘least possible effort’ approach we’ve seen in BL3 is the complete opposite.


thinking on how they are having difficulties balancing weapons and skills for MH, i couldn’t agree more. It’s like all the mayhem system wasn’t designed from the beginning, and every new level introduced makes necessary rebalance everything.

I totally agree. It’s like they tried different directions, and none of them worked. After 1 year they didn’t announced yet another takedown, the only thing left is farming again and again every time they buff something or raise the level cap, instead of playing challenging content like new takedowns, proving grounds, raid bosses. Even BL2 with different DLC currencies and pearlescents had more depth and variety in the endgame than BL3 and it is 8 years old.

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i’m happy with that, but how they can make a new game mode and ask me for money while the content that is already in the game doesn’t work? (due to mh and balance). Where are the other takedowns they promised?
I could be pessimistic, but for me the varkid should have been already in the base game after the story(like terramorphus) and maybe we won’t see it due to a cut content . I’m happy if they add it, but if they make it as another DLC to pay, no thanks.

Desesperatly in need of end game content, after a BL3 break: few hours to finish DLC4 (meh) / farm to upgrade stuff to new level cap then…

…nothing fancy/new to test my new power : /

So what’s the point?

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At the risk of getting too off topic. This is about profit and laziness. They’re not concerned with vision. To that point the superhero genre is a tired cliche at this point. I couldn’t care less if it just went away. The good ones won. Next!!
Spider-Man 2002
Spider-Man 2 2004
Spider-man 3 2007
The Amazing Spider-Man 2012
The Amazing Spider-Man 2 2014
Spider-Man: Homecoming 2017
Spider-Man: Far From Home 2019

The funny thing about this is that I actually wish BL3 just threw up its hands and copied stuff from other games, pretty much everything I’d like already exists in some other game (Diablo’s Horadric cube, Torchlight 2’s Mapworks, most recently Chronicon’s enchantress…)


Bullet reflection would like to have a word. :smiley:

(But in all seriousness I’ll take bullet reflection over floor is lava…)


Yeah, that Varkid boss was actually in that first trailer from the game, before it was even launched, and analyzing later, people found out he was in that locked area in Ascencion Bluffs (the locked door with a red crystal), but he was cut from the base game by the looks of it.

I hope they add him to the base as a “open world raid boss”, cause if they cut him from the game to sell as DLC later, people are gonna be pissed lol.

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hahaha yeah, forgot about that, but honestly, you can see how bad it is right now that people don’t even mind the ■■■■■■ mechanics that were immunity anointeds and bullet reflection, M2.0 modifiers are so bad that those horrible ones are sweet in comparison.

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