After All, Opinions on the Helix Tree?

Just read this quote on Twitter:
“the whole level up to 10 then startover every match is interesting, but overall dont like it”

…and wondered what everyone NOW thinks of the Helix tree system.??

After all this time, I’m now totally used to it.

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Yup, I don’t see any problem with it. Adaptability is good!


I dig the system. Each char has a permanent progress via rank and unlocking mutations, but match-based choices give you a way to play a char differently in every game. First glance opinion I thought it was weird, but now I really enjoy it. It also gives devs more levers to pace a characters power curve over the duration of a match.

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There are, like anything, pros and cons to it. Overall, I think it’s good, and it does give you room to adapt to the dynamics of the particular match you find yourself in. It definitely rewards those who study up on the game when they’re not playing, as it can be really hard to make choices on the fly otherwise! Some of the choices you have - especially once you have mutations available - make for some hard decisions!

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I still think the concept is perfect. It’s not only about adapting, it also adds to the feel of progression through a match.

But those helix options themselves are not very good. Most of them aren’t even an option truly - some are must-have, some are so weak everything else becomes better. They have to be better balanced. Between them all; not in a way of putting trash helixes to the same level, and all must-have’s to another…


I’m guessing this is the opinion of someone who hasn’t played Dota, LoL, SMITE, or any other MOBA because this system is pretty much standard in those games. Unless they are specifically referring to using this system in PvE matches, which can be annoying at times but overall not too bad.

As someone who has played other MOBAs before Battleborn, it was nothing new to me and I actually dig it.

But I agree with Maskerader. While the Helix system itself is good, many of the options are useless or boring, across multiple characters.

I’d say Ambra has some of the more interesting Helixes since they can change her kit and gameplay a lot and offer many ways to build a character. Then there are helixes that are… Less appealing.

Love it, I love being able to change my character on the fly in a match I am not one of those people who think there is only one “good option” for each helix, Some are just more situational.

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This is a MOBA based game. I like it.

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It’s one of the elements that set Battleborn apart from other “Hero Shooters” on the market, so I’m for it. I have played a few MOBAs and that’s where the in-game progression comes from; As was mentioned before: it adds customization and versatility to the game.

A great example is Whiskey’s Red Dot vs Scope. On Capture, I prefer the movement and fire rate. On the other maps, I prefer the scope.

EDIT: With that said, a lot of helixes need work to be more balanced/useful. Though, the concept is solid.

Overall I like the system. I think that GBX did a good job giving interesting helix choices that can cater to different playstyles or adapt to the needs of a given match.

That said, there are some helix options which are just sub-par. Again, I overall like the system and honestly to a degree I think it’s inevitable that some helix options won’t be as good, but it’s worth pointing out.

I’m also a little iffy on leveling, especially when playing a support there are some matches where I really seem to be struggling to level up. The entire system is a bit too prioritized towards kills in my opinion.

Again, overall I really like the system over something like League or Paragon where at the end of every match your build is always going to look the same, you just take different routes to get there.

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at first glance, the skill helix seemed like a dumbed down, restrained version of gigantic’s upgrade paths. but its tie to character progression through mutations along with the efficacy in helix choice per game mode present a unique combat customization system. for example, S&A’s lvl 1 choice between cloak DOT or fetch overshield is totally dependent on team compositions and the expected engagements around the objective of the match. my favourite mutation in all of battleborn is benedict’s dive bomb: i’m still waitinog for the attikus that tries to steal my dbl thrall on overgrowth to get pushed off the cliff by my lift off only to pounce back up to the capture point into a divebomb that officially free falls him to his death. then, i will officially retire from battleborn

Yes, I totally agree. Most of my options now are instant without thought. But at least some BB can choose depending on the opposing force. But it’s like the next comment >

…this. Makes a lot of sense. I tend to muck about in private BOT games to study options and learn the new characters I want to play with.

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To me the helix system is a hallmark of the game and one of my favorite things about it. In my mind, it (along with gear) takes the place of item builds you would find in a game like LoL. Those are incredibly intimidating for new players and I like this much better.

I do agree that certain helix options aren’t worth taking compared to other things (though I have often realized something I dismissed initially was more valuable than I thought) but I have no doubt that the devs are looking at data for underused helixes and considering which might need to be made a bit more attractive.

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IMHO it doesn’t work out balanced in Advanced Story mode.

(Nearly 500 hours in right now so I’ve got plenty to share.)

  1. Take a map like The Sentinal. Team or not the first part is by far the hardest.
    Those Thrall are really dishing out a ton of damage and depending on your class, you are not.

  2. Helio advanced. That first part with the timer, gosh, sure would be nice to have your level 5 helix.

So maybe for level 100 players in Story mode, let us start at helix 5.

Even on normal mode, that part seems a lot harder than the rest of the mission. I’ve had a few people bail on me during that fight, especially when the number of lives dropped. (Mind you, it doesn’t help when three of the players jump straight down and promptly all head off in different directions…)

Many times I’ve had the entire team loose all lives in that first part, then they go away cursing.
We should always be able to end a game with GG, not rage. :sunny:

I think its great that they can add two really awesome abilities and have it be balanced out by the fact you cannot take both of them.

One game you can take Helix A and have a really cool ability on one skill. and the next game you can take Helix B and have a completely different skillset.

Or they could just tone down the start (at least for the Sentinel). I don’t disagree with what you are saying, but that’s more of a flaw with the mission than with the system, IMO.

The concept is amazing. I love it.

The execution, however, is lacking.

There are just too many levels for too many characters with obvious right and wrong selections. This is especially flagrant when the “correct” option is a mutation.

Mutation unlocks should have good/bad built into them. Advanced gameplay with a bit of risk/reward. Or be tailored towards specific opponent comps (e.g. good against melee heavy teams, or CC heavy teams, or some other interesting variation). A mutation should not be a straight up better option that you always pick every time.