After almost 7 years I've finally spawned Vermivorous (by accident)

I’m playing solo, enjoying playing Deputy Sal for the first time. I decide I want a creamer so I head off to the slaughterdome and this happens. No other players and no 4 player glitch. I got so excited I used PS4 share for the first time.


:partying_face: Congrats! …and you almost destroyed the pod! :sweat_smile:
I have no idea what the chances are, but I think it’s stupid rare. Could be a bit tweaked in the Creature Dome, but… Rare!

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I’ve only ever spawned Vermi twice, both in random co-op games and 1 was in Creature Slaughter…It’s the easiest place to spawn him actually because one round (2 or 3) you are guaranteed a UBA Varkid spawn which has a chance to turn into Vermi…it’s still very low odds though, especially solo

Yeah I was just gonna blast the pod but then I realised it might be verm

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