After Borderlands, what will be "The Next Big Thing"?

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this post are strictly my own and not necessarily representative of any other Borderlands fan, so please feel free to agree or disagree with my editorial.

There are a lot of us here who feel that the Borderlands series of games are the best series of FPS games EVER, and we just want more of that experience. Our prayers will hopefully be answered when Borderlands 3 is released, and Gearbox’s newest game, Battleborn, might satisfy us temporarily, but what we really want is more of the same stuff that attracted us to Borderlands in the first place:

  1. Lots of LOOT, GUNS and GEAR!!!
  2. Huge campaign maps.
  3. Lots of missions, both story and side.
  4. Great bosses dropping great loot.
  5. The ability to farm for better loot.
  6. Excellent system of health, shields, command mods, and grenades.
  7. Excellent leveling system.
  8. Lots of humor.
  9. Great skill tree system allowing for customized builds.
  10. Great mood music.
  11. The ability to play BOTH co-op or solo mode!
  12. Oh, did I mention, TONS of loot, gear, and GUNS!!!

In my opinion, this is the recipe that has made Borderlands such a great game. I know that the story is also an integral part of that recipe, but that is what I want to discuss here. I would like to see Gearbox release a completely new game, with new characters, maps, and STORY LINE, that would utilize the magic ingredients that make Borderlands so appealing to the majority of us.

The engine is already done, but changes have to be made in order to make the new game a new and different experience, much like I expect will happen with Borderlands 3. The engine should generally be the same, but just much more up to date with better graphics and more reliance on GPU power than CPU power, which, if I understand correctly, is the reason that frame rates suffer so badly during really intense action.

The original Borderlands had a quirky beginning…it had the feeling of a cowboy story taking place in a galaxy far, far away, and then the story and settings evolved in an odd way. Personally speaking, I would love to see a new game that starts out in the far distant future with ultra high technology everywhere, a huge population of humans and aliens alike, providing us with an entirely different “feel” than Borderlands. The art work, instead of being full of rocks, dirt, broken buildings, etc. (like Borderlands’ post apocalyptic look), would be just the opposite - very clean environments, new structures and vehicles, and no remnants of history past.

This is just my opinion. What do YOU think? What would you like to see in a new game? Or do you think that Borderlands should be left as the one and only game of its kind?


You’ve hit the nail on the head.

There is no other game like Borderlands. No other game have I had sat in my Xbox for a ridiculous amount of time, refusing to play anything else. No other game comes close to the “addiction” that Borderlands has given me. Ever since buying the first game, even when I didn’t understand skill trees, or knew anything about min/maxing or RNGs, I have been in love with the series. I even went and bought myself an official Psycho mask for impromptu baby-eating and Bloodsploding.

I would love to see more Borderlands in the (near!) future, can’t wait for number 3. I’m getting bored of seeing another COD on the shelves, or another FIFA.

The new Mad Max film looks insane, purely because everything about it reminds me of Borderlands.

So, to summarize, I f****** love Borderlands more than any game, and I’ve been gaming since I was around 6 or 7. It is the best game I have ever played, it’s always different, even after doing the same WEP run for God knows how long, I never say “oh, this is quite boring actually”.

No other game comes close to Borderlands in every way possible, and I want (and need!) more.


If anything, I’d like Gearbox to make another Brothers in Arms game.
Hell’s Highway (released in 2008) ended with a cliffhanger, and we still don’t have a sequel.
I’ve noticed an increased interest in WW2-games lately, seeing as quite some people are becoming bored with modern/sci-fi settings.

I miss WWII shooters. I love the guns and the atmosphere.

We all need more Borderlands, don’t you think? Battleborn is a good placeholder between now (2015-2016) to Borderlands 3 (2017-2018?)

I have many many more ideas, but first I need to keep on thinking of brilliant concepts which I hope will have a relevance to Borderlands 3?
~ Warden

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Probably Battle Born will be their new thing. Or hopefully a game that doesn’t start with “B”.

Battleborn, as interesting as it looks, is not going in a direction that I personally feel will be satisfying to Borderlands fans, or at least not as the game stands right now, though that could certainly change before its release. Battleborn seems to be heavily geared towards co-op play, with a possibility of solo play being included, and I don’t know how well that will sit with Borderlands fans. For me personally, solo play is a MUST or I will not buy the game, as I don’t have the time nor the inclination to play co-op - it’s just not in the cards for me.

Battleborn, from what I have read, will not be a game FULL of guns, gear, and loot, though those entities will be present, albeit in a much smaller role. For instance, if I understand correctly, characters CAN NOT change guns, as the guns are extensions of the characters’ bodies themselves, and each character can only use whatever weapon he is “born” with. So, for example, a character which throws knives can not pick up a shotgun and start shooting enemies - he will always be stuck with throwing knives at his opponents and not be capable of doing much of anything else. This might work out great for co-op play, but it would certainly suck for solo play, and…Borderlands fans… :disappointed:

And then there is Battleborn’s replacement to the skill tree. I am not really sure of how it works, but once again, if I understand correctly, there is a skill “helix” that allows you to improve your character’s skills each time he goes up a level, BUT, for each level change, there are only 2 choices to choose from. For instance, a level one character who is surgically attached to a SMG might have a choice of increasing the magazine size OR increasing the fire rate of that surgically attached SMG when he moves up to level two. And then when he moves to level 3, then maybe he might have a choice of adding corrosive OR cryo element damage to his ONE SINGLE SURGICALLY ATTACHED gun. And can you change the choices that you made in the helix at any given time?..beat’s me. If anyone has more complete information on this or knows that I am flat out wrong, please feel free to correct me, but as I see things, the “skill helix” idea will be a far cry from the “skill tree” system we have in Borderlands.

So, while Battleborn might be a great game in itself, I don’t see it as developing into something that Borderlands fans will necessarily be crazy about. A better idea would be to keep Battleborn aimed at a totally different audience and then design an entirely new game from the ground up, using the recipe I outlined above, to capture the Borderlands crowd.


I think there will definitely be an intersection of people who love/like both Borderlands and Battleborn. But I agree that it think it won’t be able to replace Borderlands for people who are looking for that kind of thing, a loot based shooter with a complex skill tree and playable in solo or coop. Gearbox is toying with the design still supposedly. We may yet see solo options, and loot (probably skins, is my guess but who knows for sure).

And to reply to @oddwunn 's desire for Borderlands after Borderlands 3 or at least a rethemed new universe borderlands style game, yes, that’s what I want too. I even posted something about it on here months ago. :smile:

It is my opinion that even if Borderlands as we know it gets finished, Gearbox should/will release a Borderlands inspired game. And I also foresee the potential for more sidegames/spinoffs that explore the Borderlands universe.

It seems really obvious to me that Battleborn is Gearbox’ “Next Big Thing”.

It is also a known fact that 2K and Gearbox plan to create a “Borderlands 3”.

So - not sure what Oddwunn is really trying to say here.

I disagree. I think that while Battleborn will obviously be “The Next Big Thing” for Gearbox, it will not necessarily be “The Next Big Thing” for Borderlands fans. As mentioned by matrixneo42, there will very likely be an intersection of fans between both games, but I question how well Battleborn will satisfy true Borderlands aficionados.

Yup…I acknowledged that fact in my original post.

I apologize if my intent was not clear. I probably should have asked the question differently, more like “Will there be a “Next Big Thing” for Borderlands fans coming from Gearbox in the future?” Like I said, Battleborn will probably be a great game in its own right, but I don’t see it as being a game using the same or similar recipe that attracts Borderlands fans. What I am wondering is if Gearbox has or will consider designing an entirely new game using the ingredients that have made Borderlands so incredibly special to its mass of fans. That new game is what I am labeling “The Next Big Thing”.

Yes, I am looking forward to Battleborn (as long as solo play becomes a reality).
Yes, I am most definitely going to buy Borderlands 3 and all related DLC!!
I sincerely hope that Gearbox is considering an entirely new game designed to satisfy the needs and wants of its vast Borderlands followers.

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TheRandomGoth said: “No other game comes close to the “addiction” that Borderlands has given me.”

Never played Sid Meier’s Civilization, huh? Lucky you… just so you know, usually the addictive games act like chocolate in most cases [just a habit that hard to resist] or like drugs in the more severe situations [a real addiction that may need treatment if it interferes too much with your life].

Civilization, on the other hand, is much worse, sinister thing: Sid Meier studied the dark arts of Mordor, thought to be forgotten, and discovered how to make One game to rule them all!!! Civ is like the one ring, it will not merely addict you! It will consume you, turn you into a shadow under his will!


BL3 is the last BL. There will be no next big thing for BL fans unless the stick with GBX or find new games. So Battleborns is our next thing.


They said they don’t have much borderlands left, and the BL3 is the big one. All signs point to it being the last one.

Civ is like game crack.

I played Civ Rev, if that counts…?

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Dunno, never played this one but the older players [who began with IV or those before] say Rev was a failure. Probably not as addictive, I guess.

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See I feel there just needs to be a better incentive to play coop, take pages from destiny at what they do. In some regard they got that right, but borderlands needs to take it further, better loot chances with more people even rarer drop possibility with more people involved, certain raids only being available with multiplayer would be a nice touch. Better in general world loot with more people in parties, youll see even better white loot but not as much in quantity most everything should be higher grade stuff. Certain weekly quests like Destiny, to offer “special uniques” to those who participate and are successful in doing them would work. Im not saying make multiplayer the “focus”, but make it more interesting more worthwhile to team up! THAT to me is what TPS, didnt have enough of, things to do worthwhile to keep people gathered together, giving reasons to go out on “Loot hunts” and MAJOR RAIDS. THAT is something I made a BIG deal about before the Claptastic Voyage there NEEDED to be TWO if not more major bosses to keep things interesting. Thats where Borderlands 3 comes in we need more than we had in BL2, for raids and things to do, this needs to live up to everyones hype of the “BIG ONE”…

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We will just have to wait and see on Battleborn, it really doesnt at this point really get me all excited seeing it as it is now. Just have to play the waiting game for the moment, but with it less than a year off youd think theyd have more to reveal by now.

I think battle born will be the next big thing. It looks incredible.