After claptrap dlc does claptrap lose support?

his (inept and incompetent) actions lead to regular folk dying horribly. maybe gbx has worked him into a morally unsupportable corner? shadow trap tells him to accept his mistakes in order to grow, yet the dkc makes such a big point about claptrap’s loyaty to friends (who thru his actions gets them killed) over shadowtrap’s exhortation to turn his back on people who dislike him (justifyably for being a death inducing muck up no less)**

at least shadowtrap had his ■■■■ together sought power and was defeated mano a mano. still less worse than jack.

** which makes for rich commentary on shallow morals over real life events and tributes dunnit?

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If you’ve watched the final scenes, you’ll notice that the DLC leaves Claptrap exactly where you find him at the start of BL2 - in the Hyperion garbage dump on the outskirts of Liar’s Berg (Hallooo Hammerlock!)

I find Claptrap morally acceptable because even though he fails miserably, he tries for the right reasons. He’s something of an everyman character in the Borderlands realm.


Everyman kills thousands?

I did watch. Jack’s cruelty is a seperate issue. That clap ends up where we find him at the start of bl2 I don’t see having bearing on the matter. On top of this, shadow trap’s ‘spirit’ revives him which suggests he is only another time bomb. claptrap is’t the fighter, shadow is.

I still like claptrap, he really is only trying to help.

yes he tries, but if you had a friend that burned down your apartment or home or killed a family member or your dog or cat, I doubt you could say you felt the same way about them.

This whole comment:

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It made sense when I posted it. Mind you, I’d been awake since 3 am, had fallen back to sleep just before the alarm went off, and hadn’t had my coffee yet. So yeah…

Back on topic: Claptrap may have been revealed as exceptionally clumsy and unlucky, but that only makes me feel more sorry for him. It’s not like he deliberately tried to do any of those things. And he does kind of redeem himself in BL2 - he gets you off Southern Shelf so you can get to Sanctuary, he provides you with a super secret stash, he opens the death wall at Thousand Cuts, and he does (finally!) unlock the door at Heroes Pass (after successfully hacking the turrets so they actually help you.)

If you want a comparator, how about Dobby? (“Promise me you’ll never try to help me again!”)

Hm, and claptrap chooses dynamite(!) over fireworks after expressly being told not to because of the obvious. Not anything like the MP skit.

burning down the church was diect clumsiness, and still unlike the skit.

Your comment just made me think of the sketch. That’s all.

: ) still need coffe myself/that’s text for ya.

Um, clap’s selection of dynamite is more akin to a dui crash not killing yourself but your passengers. except without inebriation. any clap trap is a door opener, he’s just the last one.

Also, with the exception of athena, all of his friends are jack and his other allies. Lilith’s justification to execute clap (woops athena) applies here. No jack, no hunt for hsource etc.

–makes ne wonder why lilith didn’t put clap in the firing line too–

What? Did I miss something, or is this a typo from a lack of coffee? :P.

no I am just as bad as without…


that would be bad, but I would try to forgive him.

so first he blows up a stadium of people, and his next act is he burns down a hospital of the survivors. k…

“Aww, come on! Which of us here hasn’t burned down a hospital?”

“Eh, true…”


on my check box of things to do before kicking the can. : ) although shaped charges to demo a building really looks like the cool way to do it.