After DLC 4, Whats next?

What you guys would like to happen? another season pass with paid content?

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If the rest of the vault hunters could get a spot in the limelight, I’m game. As long as it remains permanent and not this limited time only event.

Or there might be another pre-sequel. This time titeled Borderlands The Pre-Sequel Part Deux!

Personaly, I would prefer more awesome music (not this soft stuff like “This girl is on fire” :nauseated_face:).
I’m talking about stuff that has some kick in it! The type of music that makes your chest hair grow! Like “Painkiler” from Judas Priest, “The Trooper” from Iron Maiden, “Repentless” from Slayer, “Eyeless” from Slipknot, “We Gotta Know” from Cro-Mags, “We Are All We Have” by The Casualties, “Feuer frei!” from Rammstein, “Beat The Bastards” by The Exploited, “Cowboys From Hell” by Pantera and to end on a comedic note, “Madness At The Core Of Time” by GWAR! :metal:

Edit: This is directed to GWAR fans. Someone started a petition to replace the statue of Robert E. Lee in Richmond, Va. with the statue of Oderus Urungus! I don’t care about statues one way or another, but holly s**t that would be a sight to behold! Maybe they can place Oderus (with his sword in hand) next to Lee so he can decapitate him! If that’s not a turist trap, I don’t know what is!
More info here:

Id be good with that too. What im wondering is if GBX will continue to realease content after the first season pass. Times have changed since BL2, I could see them build on BL3 till BL4 hits.

I could imagine smaller head hunter like DLC released more frequently


Yeah, I’m going to skip BL4. Something tells me micro-transactions will be involved.

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yes! Loved the loot train!

Great topic,l would like to think that Gbx could do something like another season pass or add-on before getting ported over to nexgen systems or same amount of time like BL2 and Tps,My bet might be some add on like the Peak but way different.

bl2 got 5 DLC campaings, 2 Vault hunters and 4 Head Hunters DLCS over the 7 years it was active but the market of gaming wasnt what it was now in 2013. What I’m saying is I hope we get BL3 stuff for some years, not just 4 dlcs and stop.

Bl4 The adventures of Ava. All jokes become like…“these pretzels suck” or ooh i need my coffe to the next level.
Hyper realistic textures. That crash hardware.

Zane is actually a woman. Fl4k a binary being becomes nonbinary.

They kill off marcus and mr torgue. Mordecai can stay because hes depressed af. And brick is revealed as “special” so. Brick stays but gains a ribbon hairbow.

A new enemy surfaces. The patriarchy.

The game becomes running through hoops like sonic the hedgehog with gun Violence gone. Now u Can send hugs and feelings through inatimate objects.

Thats what happens.

U wanted an answer. This is the answer. Its also what pcgamer and other places like kotaku want. Its the future. Resistance is fertile or somesh*t


you forgot the most important thing of them all. BL3 becomes a Battle Royale.

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Maybe, but I rather go down fighting than pasively accept that bulls**t.

Never forget the Lower East-Side Crew! NYHC! :fist:

Aw, man! Did you had to say that? Now I got to lobotomise myself to forget that word.

Game Over
That s what happens

What’s next?

20 new levels of OP in Mayhem 10!!!

:skull_and_crossbones: :skull_and_crossbones: :skull_and_crossbones: :skull_and_crossbones: :skull_and_crossbones:

Everyone loves repetitive, nonstop, pointless grinding

new VH or new skill trees


Im still hoping they change their minds and give us new VHs

I dont want new skill trees. Fix wtf we have and get rid of redundancy or useless /trap skills. Iron out the skills and issues sith the player base/all 3 tree viability. b4 they even think of a 4th tree.

Axton will hire us to kill the dudes pirating his onlyfans


Fixt ftw

They fix all the VH skills that are bugged