After ending the story of the game or DLC story, can it display all record tape ( collectable item) in the map

i think if there was such feature would be easily to collect them all in the game, it is just active or avaliable only after ending the game and DLC, story mode. or after completed TVH mode .

Not quite what you are asking for, but the eridian tablet icons still show. For the rest, the interactive BL3 map has all those marked, and you can toggle what items are displayed so you can see those locations exclusively.

The reason the echoes aren’t shown on the map is because hunting for them is part of the challenge for finding them. Revealing them after completing the story kind of negates that; with a third party thing like the linked map, at least you can choose whether or not to use it.

records tape. esp when u play in second and more character( if there will be in the future). it’s annoying and when u play second character , as u wouldn’t run the map as same as the first character, so finding this things again is really timing consuming and annoying( u even wouldn’t go to some areas in next character)

i knew there was many guide etc have such interactive map, but if it’s a feature in the game itself, it is better than those guide( u need not to switch btw the game and window). as i know most people didn’t have intention to fetch these collectable item in all of the game if they have to find by themselves.

i think they can be an option to players, so people who didn’t like the this “challege” can still able to collect them by this “hints”, and another who like to find them with no hints, they can off this feature.

some game have such feature, some put it into a DLC, like Ubisoft AC series. so it’s an option to end game player