After exiting iron bear the next 2 magazines

Sorry, noob question. This only applies to the weapon in hand doesn’t it. Doesn’t apply to swapped weapons after exit? Can this anointment come on a shield?

Only applies to weapon in hand. Change weapon and you lose the anointment. Shield can get the generic “ASE get 50% element buff” but not the 125 incendiary as far as I know. You also lose it when switching, even if it’s on a shield.

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Thanks for the info. I guess I will be looking for the consecutive hits anointment then.

I’m pretty sure the 50% ASE for 10s lasts even if you swap weapons. (shield/nade)

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It’s still good depending on what the gun and build is. I have a 125% on a non elemental Soulrender and it just murders everything. I keep the mag low but never actually reload.

@kabflash Does it? I haven’t noticed it. When I tested it months ago it didn’t. If they changed it, then too much screen clutter prevents me from seeing it, or caring…

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Is there a 2 mags anointment on shields or only 10 seconds? Not a moze player and finding all this in/out of the bear a bit tedious tbh.

Yes just tested to be sure nade/shield ASE’s persist after weapon swaps.

Just 10s, I did make a suggestion for 2 mags anoints for shield/nades that got liked by Noelle a while back so who knows maybe we’ll see it in the new anoints coming.


What are the recommended anoints for Moze for shield and grenade? I am a Zane/Amara player. Have my Moze to 57 and just starting to optimize her.

For shield either 30% cooldown from kills or +75% health and shield. For nade, just 25% on grenade thrown.

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Thanks :slight_smile:
I’ll keep my eyes peeled.