After hours of testing in TVHM M3: Fl4k's Master skill tree is very underrated - but is ultimately stuck on the verge of being truly good

I see a lot of people saying Fl4k’s pets are dealing trash damage and to those people I got only one thing to say: You are totally right. This needs a buff in some form, honestly.

And let me get another thing out of the way: The capstone skill Dominance is bad.

Now why is it still underrated?

Because the tanking you get out of it is very good. You will not be immortal, let me say that right away, but your survivability will be much, MUCH better than absusing GITM like before.

For the tanking to be relevant however, you definitely need to use the Burst Aid augment, which unfortunately is found at the very bottom of the tree plus every health regen and damage reduction perk available. Which brings us to the issue of this skill tree:

It works amazing as a support skill tree, but because of how the skills are distributed, you ultimately have too little skill points available to truly make it work

You need the damage skills from the other skill trees. Especially the Hunter tree is stupidly good and the capstone skill Megavore is amazing and gives Fl4k the damage buff it needs during their neutral game.

Unfortunately , the Hunter skill tree does not pair well with the Master skill tree. The Stalker skill tree on the other hand definitely does and the Lick The Wounds skill (pet tries to revive you) is surprisingly good and works much better than I imagined beforehand.

So if we just go down the Stalker skill tree right down to the capstone, it should give us the damage we need right? - Well, yes and no.

The capstone inside the Stalker tree “The Power Inside” gives you a 25% damage buff when you activate your action skill and even a 50% buff when your health is full - which it will be a majority of the time. Pairing this with the Empathic Rage augment inside the Master skill tree gives you another 20% damage on top while using your action skill.

However, this requires you to keep your action skill up as much as possible, but to truly achieve this, you would need the Head Count skill from the Hunter skill tree - but you won’t have enough points left

You could argue that Head Count is not mandatory to make it work, and it kinda isn’t, but it kills your flow of combat significantly if you have to wait for your action skill to be up again, because otherwise you just don’t have the damage in TVHM M3. Also you are vulnerable as hell without your rift to heal you and the damage boost.

On an ending note, why is Dominance a bad skill?

Several issues:

  • First of all the enemy will become a complete ally for 12 seconds, meaning he is unkillable. This is not a huuge deal, but it can definitely be a little annoying having to wait up before you can finish him off
  • Second of all, sometimes the AI hasn’t figured out what to shoot at from the start and once it has it could honestly just not bother anymore
  • Lastly, it’s just nowhere near on par with the capstone skills of the other two skill trees. You could of course argue that tanking requires you to give up some damage, but the trade-off is a little too high and uneven in my opinion.

Still, try it out guys. It’s a fun change of playstyle.

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