After Killing Troy I fell through the map

So after watching the Cutscene with my hands of my keyboard, I spawn inside the ground falling for about 10 minutes and now I’m stuck in some black void where i can no longer switch between weapons, shoot or throw grenades.


Same thing happened to me when I played. I just quit the game and went back in, and all loot blue or higher goes to the lost loot in sanctuary. So everything turned out fine for me.


This also happened to me on my first playthrough; my best guess is the cut scene unintentionally places you below the ground. I did not stop falling until I saved/quit and re-entered the game.


Happened to me too (Zane) but my wife was able to fast travel to another location and then we went back and picked up the Echo.

Def a bug w/map


Happened to me on both of my playthroughs. First time I was teleported high into the air several miles out and just fell forever. The other time I spawned post-cutscene under the floor.


Just happened to me and after 30mins freefall i quit to menu and went back into the game. Immediatly traveled to sanctuary. Nothing. No loot. I saw 2 legendaries drop before the cutscene appeared and now they are gone.

After looking online within and outside these forums it seems to be a rampant issue. My question (if gearbox reads this) is twofold.

  1. Will players who can’t get loot be compensated or is it a case of “do it again and hope u don’t bug”

  2. We (gearbox) didn’t playtest this crucial boss fight (crucial in terms of story)

I know that second point sounds harsh … but with the amount of people who have the exact same bug its unacceptable at this stage of the game’s story. Were this to happen to a side boss or an earlier (minorish) boss then it’s still a very bad image but its not one of the most important boss fights in the game. But the one thing any player may expect is that the bosses we most want to smash in the face, the most and then loot them are not functioning properly.


Literally exact same thing happened to me. Fell through the map and decided to log out hoping I’d still get my guns. Saw 2 oranges and when I went to the lost loot vendor, it says it’s empty

I was super unlucky during this, after reading what others said they did. It wouldn’t let me open the fast travel menu, I looked up online what to do. Couldn’t kill my character, or anything… and nothing showed up in the lost loot box… i moved on with the game… Still really enjoy the game, just would like this fixed before I do other characters.

The icing on the disappointment cake that is bdl3. Finally kill a annoying boss who couldnt wag his dick at handsome Jack and my legendary is gone because a company sat on its past triumphs and excreted this turd into its series. 0 playtesters and a dozen payed off game reviewers.

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If anyone else is still falling and comes here, just do the slam. You’ll fall faster then die and respawn. Go grab your loot and echo. Just did it now.


When this happened to me, i just waited like 5 mins and i died. lost a bit of money but respawned at the point right before the boss. all loot was still there.

Happened to me today. I could tell instantly it wasn’t normal so I just quit to the menu and reloaded. Reading these posts I kinda wish I didn’t rush to reload and instead enjoyed the possibly very long ride as I fell. lol

Yup me too

Just wanted to reiterate the slam. It actually works. Just hold slam for about 10-20 seconds and then you will die. You will respawn and be able to collect all your loot.

Dropping by to report this happening to me too, on Xbox. Quit out to main menu, loaded back in and went to Sanctuary to see if it saved my loot. Nothing but a blue or two. Don’t even know if it was Troy that dropped them

Happened to me also !

Just fell through again, so glad they did class balance stuff before fixing this bug.

Same thing happened to me. Waited a few minutes and it spawned me at the beginning of the map. I was unable to move, switch weapons or open echo. I also l
ost my legendarys i watched drop as well.

This just happened to me on my first solo playthrough. Loot ended up in the lost and found luckily.

Hi, I experienced the same bug. Was able to “fix” it by drop jumping and waiting about a minute. Then I died and respawned.