After last patch, now after 20 min I get thrown to offline

Been having the Issue of Lagging out when playing CoOp, menu lag issues (Solo & CoOP), those issues have been getting slowly better over the last few patches/Hotfixes, BUT,

With this last patch, Now after around 20 minutes gameplay (Mainly Happens in CoOp, but has happened Solo ), I get kicked out to the BL3 menu page, with a connection error message (Network Settings), when I look it has me set at “Local Offline”, I always have it set “Friends Only” and I cannot get it back to that until I dashboard and restart the game. After doing this, I am able to rejoin my friends game.

As a note, No I have not lost internet in this time frame, I’ve been in Xbox chat during the whole time frame this happens.

Orig Xbox 1

and made ticket, for what good that may or maynot do