After latest update, progress lost and can't complete training sessions

Description Summary:

After the latest update to the Project 1v1 CTT via Steam ( on a Windows 10 Pro gaming laptop ), I am unable to progress through the training sessions anymore. I can play the first session against the bot any number of times and win, but my progress is not saved.

Observed Results:

Progress through the bot training sessions is not saved and so I can never get into the Arena.

Steps to Reproduce:

Launch game from Steam and then try to complete a bot training session.

Expected Results:

I should be able to progress through the bot training sessions normally.

Build #:

The only “build number” I can find is on the starting screen at the lower left hand corner :

Closed Technical Test #2 - 119


My friend and I are having this exact same issue, we had both just finished training before the update today.

Our internal QA is unable to reproduce this (we checked again after this post to be 100% sure) - can each person with this issue respond (or DM me) with their shift display name (or email if this is a DM), and I’ll look at your accounts and potentially contact you for more info…


Nevermind, we found it. All is well now. If you had completed any training, your progress before 119 wasn’t lost. This was a back-end issue and 119 is fine now.

Thanks! :smiley: Whatever you guys did worked and I can play the game fine now :slight_smile: