After lots o eridium

I’m in need of a lot of eridium on most of my characters so I can buy the sdus for stuff. So any help or tips would be great.

the dragons of destruction in tiny tina’s dlc you can get up to 80 eridium. you can farm terramorphous, the warrior.

IMO…load two characters on two controllers and farm the Warrior. Seems to me he tosses out about 40+ on UVHM… lower amounts for lower modes. ( though I really don’t pay that much attention unless I’ve started a new character).

Easy, but more time consuming…take a higher level down to a a lower mode and still farm the warrior a dozen or so times. Eridium for days.

My favorite way is killing Hyperius in Normal Mode over and over again. Fire Pimpernels are the best and if you need the firepower for a one-shot a Bee is advisable. Fire Elemental/Bone of the Ancient Relics help. Vladof Snipers are also reasonable due to the high fire rate and there’s an ammo vendor for cheap anyway.
Enter the arena just so much you can hurt him from the entrance. With the Pimpernel you can easily one-shot him if hit in the lower body (on 72 used a shock pimpernel though). Just leave the arena slightly and immediately re-enter to fight him again. Repeat like 50 times (the PS4 can handle 100 kills but I don’t recommended it or the system slows down and/or your eyes hurt).
Easily gets you 200 Eridium in 5 minutes (excluding travel time), even more if you kill him more often per run.

Also grab the low level Norfleets you are probably going to get eventually :3

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This…I will have to try. Great idea.