After M4, is play enjoyable at lower levels?

Been thinking of doing a few runs on M3, M2 and am curious if others found it to be underwhelming. Are the drop rates really any worse on M3 if playing the new DLC for example?

When you said lower levels, I was thinking, “Yes a new character is fun!” but M1-3 to me is a bit boring unless I am speed running through a mission.

M3-M4 drops, you won’t see much difference.

M1 you deff do, M2 is what I will speed run on.

Yes to play less min-maxes builds and use weapons other than the top 10 or so that handle M4 well.

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If you’re playing for loot, you will definitely see less on lower Mayhem levels. I usually lurk at MM2, and recently went on an MM4 spree, and was reminded how much orange falls out of everything there.

If you want to play using sub-optimal gear/builds/strategies (because there’s something fun there that just doesn’t cut it at MM4, for example), there’s a lower level that should allow it to work.


That’s more or less what I figured. I may run through M2 for fun but dial back my top gear to make it somewhat challenging. I just remember running my OP8 Axton at OP2-3 on BL2 and it was fund for a bit but one shotting everything becomes a bit mundane after a while.

I spec down to play m3 with my girlfriend otherwise it’s too boring.

No its not. Only MH4 now…