After more then 1 year, whats the best piece of content bl3 has produced so far

simple question
whats the best piece of content from either base game, dlc, or free update that borderlands 3 has produced for itself or the franchise to take into the next game, or you wish you could get more of in this game

so i think
the trials and the maliwan takedown specifically, as the maliwan takedown feels like a bigger trial
and they should come to the next game ( not saying i dont want classic raidbosses, i do, but as it is i feel trials are cool to test builds under special circumstances fast and painless
and the maliwan takedown is the stresstest to see if it rly works
as that the combo of both it should go into the next game

and for bl3 things i wish i could get more dlcs like dlc 2, where the map is vastly different from the base game, it has a raidboss classic style ( with no good loot i think with seraph crystals this could have been waaaaaaay cooler) and overall the dlc feels like while pushing something from the main game forward, it also feels like its kinda interesting lore wise, as it adds alot of material for theory crafting

vs other dlcs dlc 2 has everything i wanted to see in a dlc, some could use a bit more love, and work, its the kind of content i was looking for in the dlcs


single best piece MTD


Agreed, MTD with DLC1 in close pursuit.


MTD and jackpot


Maybe not the best but I really liked the Cartels event. The extra spawns on high difficulty (I think we were at M4 then) really added a cool challenge without being annoying like floating skulls. But what really got me hooked was the aesthetic of the new map, especially the music.


Maliwan Takedown, almost no contest. Jackpot is the best out of the campaign DLCs imo


Handsome Jackpot

DLC1, Maliwan Takedown, and The Cartels Event.

The Cartels Event showed possibilites for adding Mayhem difficulty without the poor excuse of MH2.0 that was released…


First Place: DLC1 - Handsome Jackpot
Second Place: DLC2 - Tentacles
Honorable Mention - Cartel /Loot the Universe Co-Events

I thought DLC2 was a close second overall, but the huge lake of do-nothing and the Empowered Scholar kept it from being on par with DLC1 for me.

I appreciate the “free” content - Takedowns, Events, etc. But my preference is always fully formed and polished DLC campaigns over smaller content, so I have a bias there. I gave the Cartel/Loot the Universe Co-Events an honorable mention because they synergized well and it was fun traipsing around the galaxy farming bad guys (and fun when the Cartel thugs would occasionally fight against the regular spawns).


Best in the base game - MT
Dlc - 3 bounty of blood
Event - cartels (I’d love for the spawn in to replace mayhem)

Overall bounty of blood probably my favourite place to play, love the ashfall peaks map

Jackpot was ok but i was really looking forward to that one, i imagined it to be a lot better than it turned out and spent half the time in the bins.

2 was solid

4 was a let down for me hardly play that dlc

5 is ok was worth a purchase for somewhere different to visit from time to time


Haha i don’ get why people had such a hard time with him :rofl:

First time I played him I didn’t even know I had to use the platforms hahaha I just shot the crystals with my Maggie or sniper :rofl:

Though I have to agree that this, just like immunity stages is just unnecessary and actually takes away from the enjoyment

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first two times this ■■■■■■ did throw me off the platforms because this game has ■■■■ jump sections

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To this day I haven’t left the arena hahaha

But however they intended it, it was really unnecessary.

But we’re going off-topic :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The Maliwan Takedown is the best piece of content in BL3 and I don’t even have to think about it, no debate in my mind. The map, the drops, the mechanics, the music, the challenge (at least initially, and it still is one of the more challenging maps).

The next-best piece of content IMO was the Cartel map and content. The music on the Cartel map was especially great.

  1. Maliwan Takedown

  2. DLC1 and DLC2 are also great (if each had come with a raid boss they might be #1 for me)

  3. Cartels event

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  1. Maliwan Takedown by far. It was so aggravating the first week because I couldn’t even get close to beating it even with 4 people and then as weeks went by we all learned how to take everything and I just love playing this Takedown. Even if the weapons suck now I still play it to try out builds and just for some fun before bed. I did a complete 360 from my first rant about this Takedown.

  2. Moxxi Heist because Moxxi/Timothy/Jack nosalgia and because Loaderbots were back BUT the setting/aesthetics of Gehenna were amazing. Didn’t care for the Jackpot setting but loved the characters. Didn’t care for the Gehenna characters but loved the setting. So DLC1/DLC3 are tied for me.

Gaige DLC was okay. Not my cup of tea. Krieg DLC was so bad I don’t even replay it.
Guardian Takedown is fun but Maliwan is far superior. I do enjoy Gearbox trying different things. Heard so many bad things about Arms Race that I haven’t played it yet so can’t comment there.


MTD and DLC 1 would be a 1A and 1B for me. Second place would be The Cartel Event I just wish they kept it in the game permanently. And third place would be Arms Race which is surprisingly replayable.

I really enjoy Moxxie’s DLC, as it felt very solid in terms of story and balance. Nothing was too game breaking (well maybe Zane’s COM), the new weapons felt good, but not OP. I really enjoyed the writing and felt the ending was great. .

MTD was pretty good for end-game content, though the drops soon became obsolete with new weapons. If it had an increase to the loot pool (Crew Challenge weapons anyone?) then it would be worth doing again.

Cartels was the best seasonal event, but too short (duration and completion) for it to rival any DLC.

The repeatable stuff, especially trials, slaughters, maliwan takedown, heck, and villa ultraviolet.
DLC3 is also a highlight for me, the narrator, the visual design and music is some sublime stuff.

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The Handsome Jackpot was everything I wanted from the DLC for this game. There was a familiar guide in Moxxi, a decent villain, a returning character whose story made sense and got a satisfying conclusion, and one or two new characters who were nicely fleshed out and interesting to spend time with. I wanted to know what had happened to a lot of past characters. Timothy didn’t really have a spot in the main game, but he was perfectly cast in this DLC. There were also some good side quests and a few new weapons that, at the time of release, were a lot of fun to use.

Honestly Handsome Jackpot is the highlight of the entire lifecycle of Borderlands 3 for me so far, and I really wish the rest of the DLCs had been built in the mold that it set down.