After much reflection on the 4 dlcs

…I’m left wondering how in the world we didn’t get a B-team dlc. None of the dlc were terrible, but none of them were particularly good.

A B-team dlc seems like a slam dunk, and it just doesn’t make sense why these characters were criminally underused.


They got two quest lines in Bl3. Someone figured that was enough.

I definitely would have preferred b-team to dlc3, but maybe one will happen in the future; it would be pretty awesome. (Though I will say i loved dlc2 and am loving dlc4 so far)

We literally didn’t hear a peep from Salvador or Axton either… just mist in the wind I guess. Just chalk up more tally marks in the disappointment column that is BL3 :confused: oh well.

Talk to the NPCs in the hub of DLC4 and you’ll at least get an update on Axton.